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a little ditty about Jani and Diane

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posted Tuesday, 1 August 2006
So, in a move that was a shock to no one, except allegedly half the players/cast, Janelle put Diane up for eviction.  Now everyone's running around screaming and swearing and talking about how they're so going after Janelle next week.  Which, of course, once again leaves Chilltown sitting pretty.

Now there's this whole thing about how J & D have this pre-existing issue that basically boils down to Janelle said mean things about Diane during her season and later apologized, but Diane found the apology insincere.  That's what the whole "apology" discussion was about last Thursday.  I didn't really follow it at the time; I'll have to go back and see what the deal is.  Anyway, it seems like kind of a weak reason in either direction to have a rivalry.  But if that's what they're going with, okay then.

And if you're in the "it's scripted" camp, it certainly does stir things up.  James can be all outraged at Jani and start the cracks in the S6 alliance.  Because the whole S6 dominating everything (except for the fact that it's all really being controlled by the Master Dr.) was getting a little boring.  And now they get to have a little intrigue over the possiblity of turning things around and keeping Diane.  Which would certainly be interesting.....

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