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that's why he's the master

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posted Monday, 31 July 2006
Dr.Will that is.  I was pretty impressed at how well his con to stay in the game last week worked.  And listening to him deal with Janelle this week is fascinating.  Everything he says makes total sense and is pretty much true, yet he can turn it around in so many ways to be to his own advantage.

The thing for me is if W, Jani or Boogie leaves the show becomes a lot less interesting.  (W actually made this point to Jani at one point saying if the show was just, say, Kaysar and Diane it would be called "Big Boredom" with these 2 nice polite people hanging out and chatting and always apologizing anytime they had to make a game play.)  This weekends been interesting b/c even with the Internet feeds, you can't be 100% sure what Jani's going to do.  [If you don't know, and care, **SPOLIER ALERT**, the deal is that B. wins the POV with Jani's help, so she held up the first step of her deal w/Will, proving herself stand up so far.  Now B.'s supposed to veto himself and she'll put up someone other than Will (she's saying Diane).  Then CT is supposed to prove their loyalty to her by voting out whoever she says.  Then there's this twist where B and Erika had a secret alliance; but she appeared to be screwing them over.  Of course if she wasn't they'd want to keep her, so voting out Di. is no problem.  And I think that is the case b/c Will told Jani about it; if the alliance was going to come back in that was a bad move....then again maybe not...what better way to convince someone you're not in an alliance than to admit you were but say they broke it and you're pissed? Hmm.....anyway.]

So, if Jani puts up Will she makes a bunch of people happy but losing the CT alliance.  If she puts up Di. she upsets the S6 alliance, but actually not too much.  It would be worse if she put up Danielle.  Even though Danielle's a bigger threat to J., she's got more loyalty around the house than Diane, who no one really seems to care about (and frankly, even though I really like her, she is pretty boring in the game.)

Sort of on that note, I have to say that last season I really didn't like Janelle, but this year she's really grown on me, and I have a lot of respect for how she plays the game.  And I love her clothes, but that's another issue.  :)  On the one hand I kind of wish she'd find her grrl-power and not be the "bye-bye bitches" girl who then goes and plays the dumb blonde for the guys.  On the other hand, she is totally showing that girls can play with the big boys...and play well.  Even the Master commented that she could be playing the smartest move ever and have a plan to screw over CT at some point.

My other comment from the weekend is that the wake up calls were stupid.  It was kind of cute where family members/friends called them.  The evicted HGs was obviously part of the game.  But the random "real" people who called?  How lame is that?  Who would do that?  I mean seriously, please get a life.  And the whole thing was so staged.  It was clear all day that the HGs knew it was coming (ppl who stay up till 4 AM every day suddenly all talking about "I'm going to bed early."? Give me a break.)  I am of the opinion that the whole thing is pretty much scripted, but at least try to maintain the illusion.

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