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please obtain a life

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posted Thursday, 27 July 2006
Okay, so as I mentioned in my last post, I do have a fairly serious BB addiction.  And now that I've discovered the joys of the live feeds, it's only getting worse.  Because I actually love the stuff you get from the feeds a lot more than the edited show.  First, you get all the game conversation, not just what they choose to show you.  But for me the real fun part is when you get the "in case you forgot this is TV" stuff.  What I mean is stuff like when they start talking about the producers, or like last night they all decided to take off their microphones in protest of the fact that they felt their food was not being delivered in a timely manner.  (Which was sort of stupid b/c since they were inside we could still hear everything, but whatever.)  And the best stuff is when the Voice yells at them.  "Stop talking about [whatever]."  I don't know why I find that so amusing, but I do.

I keep thinking, though, if I'm addicted there are some people with major problems out there.  Because I'll go watch the clips on youtube and read the running commentary people are posting on the update sites, but I can't imagine being the person who sits there and notes everything the HGs do.  I mean how much of life must you not have to be sitting there doing the "so and so gets up and goes to the bathroom....walks around for a minute...picks his back in bed."? Wow.  We really are pathetic.  I say we b/c I do include myself in that being that even as I make fun of the updaters, I am totally reading it.  But I already knew I had no life.  :)

Anyway, show-wise I am looking forward to tonight's episode to see if the Evil Dr's plan for world domination succeeds (i.e. will Mike Boogie get HOH?).  I was watching some of the stuff from yesterday showing how Will manipulated the vote to stay in the house and just thinking he really does completely own this game.  He is the master.  Of course it also makes you wonder if he isn't pathological.  The fact that he can lie soooo convincingly, even to the point of lying about lying and he just never trips up is a little scary.

[p.s.  I keep thinking I ought to post my "spoiler policy" which is basically that I don't have one.  I really don't know if anyone is even reading this site, so I basically will talk about anything I happen to know and if it's spolier-ish, so be it.  I mean, if anyone is reading this site and doesn't want to "be spoiled"  well, why are you reading the site?  Okay, it's more about my opinion of shows than it is about storylines or whatever.  So, if for some reason someone finds my opinion deeply fascinating and wants to read all my reviews, that's cool.  I was just thinking, it's a little sad if my opinion is attracting attention, given the number of more 'expert' opinions out there....but yet I say this as someone who's following every second of BB.]

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