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there she goes....there she goes again

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posted Friday, 8 September 2006
Not terribly surprisingly, Erika didn't come through for Janelle last night, and Janie had to walk out with 3rd place again.

But isn't it nice that CBS is giving her a 25K bonus? Anyone who thinks she won't win the AC hasn't been paying attention. And apparently the AC winner gets their stipend whereas the F2 players don't, so the AC winner will actually end up with more than the 2nd place person. Of course, if J. had made it to F2 against anyone other than Will she would have won the whole thing, but this is a nice consolation prize.

Janie's press tour has been interesting so far. (Why bother talking about what's going on in the house? Who cares at this point?) She comes across as such a nice, smart and genuine person. That's why America loves her. And it sounds like she does have real feelings for Will. Does he for her? Who knows. But I'd say she's too good for him.

I will say a few things about last night's show. First, Boogie crying in the DR was a little ridiculous. Staged? Dude, you know he's not dead, right? And the fact is, with Will gone you actually have a much better shot at winning. But the unanswered phone call made up for the crying. That was funny. But the things he said about Erika....whoa. It makes me hope that she's actually this cold-hearted manipulative bitch and just played the "I'm so hurt" routine to Janelle to get her to evict Will. Or maybe the entire routine btwn her and Boogie has been an act all season. A complex "we'll pretend to be a couple, pretend we're hiding it, but not really hide it and make it all scandalous by talking trash and staging a betrayal and all that." Could be. But even now that they're alone she still seems way more into him than he is into her. And you know, I really don't care.

As far as the competitions, the laser thing looked cool, and at least they got more production value out of it than the volcano. But it did seem to give an unfair advantage to a guy. Maybe the producers had been counting on Janelle winning part 1 and wanted to knock Erika out in part 2? It's possible that their explanation (that all comps are determined in advance) is true, but I'm not buying it. The CG veto comp. was clearly geared for him. I'm not saying things are totally fixed, but I do think they want certain things to go a certain way and do what they can to guide the outcome.

Part 3 was stupid. I'm convinced Erika did throw it. I could have answered all those questions correctly. And I thought the one she missed was the most obvious. Of course Will is going to say the "less expected" thing. Also, he'd never admit that he was surprised by his own eviction. Not to mention that he wasn't. It's possible that Erika is just so sure that her move shocked everyone that she didn't see that he knew. But still.

Anyway, show's basically over. No one's going to want to watch the two of them on the feeds sitting around being self-congratulatory and kind of skanky. As I've been saying, I'm in it until the end, but the entertainment value is way gone.

And I still say we've been cheated out of the answer to who is the BB All-Star. I think they should do a "what if" vote of Will vs. Janelle, just to see.

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