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Big Boredom

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posted Monday, 11 September 2006
Okay, this is the first year that I've watched the livefeeds in addition to the BB TV show. Are the final 2 always this intensely boring?! The only remotely interesting thing that has gone on since Janie left is the "aftermath" of the jury questioning. And even that wasn't too exciting. Erika seems to think that she's "all that" and she should win. Boogie is trying to pass himself off as the brains of CT, and therefore he should win. While I wouldn't agree that he's the mastermind, he certainly did more in the game than Erika.

I say that the live-feeders should get to see the jury questioning in it's entirety. We're going to get maybe 10 minutes from 1-2 hours, so there's a lot we could see. And I don't even think it would necessarily give away anything as far as the vote. The F2 don't seem certain of who's going to win, so why would we be able to figure it out? And besides, watching 2 people hang out, sleep, and play Scrabble is just not at all interesting. Another interesting twist would be to move the jury back into the house for the last few days, but BB would probably say that would mess with the integrity of the game. Sure it would change the game, but I say let them spend a few days campaigning for jury votes, just as if it were an eviction. More drama, more fun for us!

Boogie offered to "drop Operation Double-Date" on Erika the other night, and the camera he was addressing wouldn't acknowledge him. While it would be crazy on his part to tell all to E. at this point, it could have been entertaining. But no. The best we got was him telling her all about the LOD and a few other CT alliances she wasn't aware of. She didn't seem to pick up on the hint that she clearly wasn't as "in the know" as she wants to believe. Other than her manipulating Janelle into evicting Will, she didn't do anything that CT wasn't aware of, but they had quite a number of moves she wasn't in on. B. did make the point that she's pretty much a "one hit wonder" with that move, and while it's a big move, it shouldn't win the game for her. And probably won't. We can only hope.

The vote is kind of up in the air. B&E seem to think it will come down to CG's vote. If that's the case, I'm afraid E. will win b/c CG seems to like to vote for the "nice girl." I think a lot depends on Janelle, and whether or not she has any influence over Howie. Also (and this is kind of obvious) it depends on everyone voting for the best player, not the person they like more; not to mention, how do they define "best player."

Let's analyze for a did Boogie and Erika end up in the F2?
Erika: was nominated a lot, and other than the last time, stayed in b/c she was used as a pawn to get out "bigger threats." She won the veto at the end to stay in, and then she got Janelle to vote out Will (great player) over her. Those were two good moves. But she coasted (or floated, if you prefer) most of the game, and was always telling the HOH she'd vote however they wanted. This kept her in the game, but not in control.
Boogie: 1/2 of probably the strongest alliance. Won the coup d'etat, and though he didn't technically use it, he "used" it to save Will and get Howie out. Won 2nd to last and final HOH. Played people pretty well. Though it is certainly the case that Will manipulated people more/better, it is also true that Will wouldn't have made it very far without Boogie. The only reason Will's "I want to leave...okay I'll stay" routine worked was b/c he was staying "for" B. Boogie won comp.s when he "needed to" and threw comps to save people they wanted and to ensure alliances. He's an @ss, but he did play better.

Once again, line of the day has to go to an Internet poster (the HGs are barely talking, let alone saying anything interesting). And again, sorry, I'd cite the source, but I can't remember where I saw it, and it was second hand, and uncited, when I saw it anyway.

"And Erika I hate you even more for making me root for Boogie."

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