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finally....I mean, finale

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posted Tuesday, 12 September 2006
So, it's the end of another BB season.  It's been fun for me, and I hope anyone who's been reading has enjoyed it too.  I'm guessing I'll be back next year, and if you've enjoyed my pov (that's point of view, not power of veto!), check in for my rants, thoughts, and commentary on other shows now that the new season is kicking off.

I'll have a final post after tonight's finale.  There's nothing of interest to report from the feeds.  Boogie and Erika are absolutely the worst ppl for final 2.  Will and Janie would have been fantastic, and I'm sure Will and Boogie would have put on a show for us.  Even J/E, W/E or J/B would probably have been better than this snooze fest.

I had to have root canal today (seriously) and while sitting in the chair to distract myself from what was going on I was analyzing how I thought the vote would go tonight.  At one point it crossed my mind that I'd rather be doing this (the root canal) than watching B/E on the live feeds.  Now that's sad.  Apparently Real feels the same way, as they are no longer actually showing us the BigBrother house, but rather some odd combination of sports and commercials. (Actually I just checked again and we seem to back to sleeping hamsters, but still...that was funny.)  I also called to cancel my SuperPass subscription today and was very entertained by the tricks the cust. service guy tried to pull.  First we had the struggle of getting my email address conveyed (apparently mystic-gemini is hard to spell...even letter by letter; my favorite bit was when he would say "I as in India").  Finally got that straightened out, and then he tried to convince me that they have some "exciting surprise from Big Brother fans."  Uh, yeah.  I've heard that rumour and I believe it about as much as I believe that Boogie and Erika will live happily ever after.  Even when I said no, he said he'd go ahead and send me an email about the offer and if I still wanted to cancel, I could get back to them.   Uh, no.  I WANT TO CANCEL.  But enough about me.

My guess on the votes is:
Marc: Erika
Howie: Boogie
James: Boogie
Dani: Boogie
George: Erika
Will: Boogie
Janie: Boogie

Howie's a bit of a toss-up, b/c he REALLY hates B.  But I think if he votes for the person he thinks played the game best, it will be B.  We'll see.  I may change my mind when I hear the jury excerpts.

Oh, and Janelle will win America's Choice.  Hands down.  The only way she doesn't win is if all her fans were so pissed off after having been ripped off when they voted for her for prom queen that they didn't want to give CBS any more money.  But this time it seems she can't be robbed, so I'll be shocked if she doesn't win.

Alright, I'm gonna go be amused by whatever random stuff they decide to show us on the feeds....

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