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Chilltown, bay-bee

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posted Tuesday, 12 September 2006
So, Dr. Will Kirby won Big Brother again...but, as promised, he handed it off to Mike Boogie.

As soon as the jury started talking it was obvious that Boogie was going to win b/c they edited it to make it look like they were leaning toward Erika.  I thought the questions, and answers, were pretty good.  And Boogie definitely did a better job answering and in his final speech.  Yes, he played a better game, but I think he really won it in those couple hours last Saturday night (another lesson he learned from Dr. Will).

The "secrets from the DR" weren't really secrets.  Poor James.  He feels bad about the things he said, and I believe him that he's apologized to Janie.  Ironically, it sounds very much like the story about James/Janelle/Diane at the end of last season.  James apologizes and sounds sincere so Diane forgives him, but from Janelle she doesn't buy it.  The Mr and Mrs Smith "reveal" fell flat, which is too bad.  The Chilltown phone calls, were, of course, the highlight.  And finally, the homance.  I'm convinced Erika got a heads up from the DR before the show that at least something was coming.  She handled it as well as can be expected.  It would have been more "fun for us" had she gone Jersey on his ass, but no way that was going to happen on TV.  And, as I've said before, it's no fun if someone is really getting hurt.  If Erika's for real that she was playing Boogie and doesn't really care, well, okay.  Valid life philosophy.  Not one I have a lot of respect for, but whatever.  But if she was just trying to save face, then I feel sorry for her.  Whatever the deal is I hope she walks away from this and finds peace and happiness.  That's what I want for everyone.

And naturally Janie won the AC $25K.  Everybody loves her.  Can't help but....

Finally, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Will and Janelle should have been the final two.  Not only did Julie get Nakomis to say it, but the applause from the audience and the other HGs said it all....they are the true AllStars.  I'm just sorry we don't get our winner, and that we can't keep watching them.  Thank God for youtube.  :)

Well that's all folks....wrap city!

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