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get real...or not

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posted Wednesday, 13 September 2006
In case anyone cares, the "bonus" BB thing from Real is that they seem to be re-running the live feeds.  I hung in there long enough last night to see them start, and I'm unclear if they're re-running the whole season or what.  But as soon as I saw what it was I just said "LAME!" and went to bed.

Anyone who thinks this is going to intrigue the diehard livefeeders, obviously doesn't get it.  First place, we've already seen it....second place, for the best bits all you have to do is take a trip over to youtube...and finally, a big part of the fun of the live feeds is that they're, you know, live.

....okay, I admit it.  I'm half tempted to keep watching...

The good news is my subscription is good through the beginning of Oct. which is about when all my favorite shows (Lost, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, etc.) all start back up.  So I should be okay.

One last thing.  I decided last night I wasn't going to do this, but I keep seeing all these Will and Janelle tributes, and it's still the only thing anyone wants to talk about (apparently some guy named Mike Boogie won $500K on the "Dr. Delicious and Janie are in Love" show).  So here's my final (for now) take on Will and Janelle.  I think there was "something" there.  I saw the clip of them laying on the trampoline again, and I don't know if the 7 second stare thing is true or not, but I'm pretty sure they don't want to kill each other, and they definitely maintained eye contact for well over 7 seconds.  Try it sometime:  it gets pretty awkward to keep staring into the eyes of someone you don't have strong feelings about.  Esp. with a smile on your face.  But listening to both of them talk in interviews, I also believe a lot of it was just a flirtation, a way to pass the time, and to play the game with a little more fun and flair.  It seems like they ought to be able to be friends, but I doubt we're talking true love here.  As for Will and Erin, we should probably not talk about them.  On the one hand, we know nothing about how they are with each other.  And unless Will goes and makes a deal to turn his whole life into a reality show (and I wouldn't put that past him...and would SO be watching; ditto for Janie) we aren't gonna know.  But on the other hand, he did put his relationship out there by talking about it so much, and like it or not they are both pseudo-celebrities.  So, my take on them is this:  if he was totally committed to her he wouldn't have been able to flirt so convincingly.  And if I were her, it would bother me.  But if they trust each other, love each other and believe in each other none of that matters, and they'll be okay.  If not, they don't belong together anyway.

Whatever the case, Will and Janie were a joy to watch.  Except the damn whispering....though even that was cute at times.  But we're here for the entertainment, and the drama, and the beautiful people.  It was a good show thanks in large part to the two of them.  And as for real life, I believe that life works out the way it's supposed to....eventually.  And as I said in an earlier post, I wish peace and happiness to everyone.

So, I've decided you've got one more BB post coming.  A post game analysis, if you case anyone cares.  :)

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