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I think I need a 12-step program

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posted Thursday, 14 September 2006
Okay, I have a confession to make....I'm getting sucked into the BB replay-feeds.  I didn't subscribe myself until about halfway through the season, and I only started following the updates, boards, etc. around week 3 or 4.  Since my account is still open, I hopped on last night, and even though I know exactly how everything's going to play out, I was quickly hooked.  I happened to see a very early Will/Janie conversation:  they're in the storage room changing mic batteries and he starts talking to her about the veto (first one) that she just won.  She plays the dumb blonde with lines like "oh, you think I should make a deal with someone?  I don't know...."  He seems to buy right into her act, asking "what?  didn't people do that your season?"  Watching that, you'd never guess they would end up where they did.  Also, with 14 people in the house you naturally get a lot more interaction, both game and non-game.  I keep telling myself I'm not allowed to give Real any more money this year, and just consider this a preview for next year.  We'll see how I feel in 2 weeks.  Like I said yesterday, I should be good b/c a lot of shows will be back by then.  I guess that can be step 2 of my program (1 being admitting the problem): replace the BB addiction with a Lost addiction....

Further feeding my addiction is the fact that there's still lots of press about the show.  I just read interviews with Boogie and Erika.  Not surprisingly, B. is still coming across as an ass.  Erika sounds like she's finally understanding what all he did to her and the hurt and anger is hitting her full force.  By the same token it does sound like she has a good support system and she'll be okay.  Though I still have to say I didn't particularly enjoy her as a player, and I didn't think she deserved to win, I'm starting to develop more and more sympathy for her as a person.  I think in real life she's clearly a much better human being than most of them, and I really do hope she can move on from this and realize that she is, in fact, far to good for him, and he is going to hell (and half a mil is not going to help him with that at all).

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