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the flip and the flop and the WTF?!?!

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posted Thursday, 7 September 2006
Maybe I'm just tired of being jerked around, or maybe I've just become an eternal pessimist, but I was very quick to believe that Erika was "going back" to I'm not so sure. Why would she?

Just a few minutes ago she started mumbling to herself (i.e. us) that she has "to get rid of Mike" and "win this HOH." Yeah you do! I'm suddenly reminded of how she was able to turn her performance around Monday night. After finding out "the truth" from Janelle, Erika was at first noticably hurt and upset. Even Mr. Insensitive noticed, and was starting to figure out he was in trouble. But then E. easily convinced him that she was just upset she was leaving, and spent the rest of the evening playing pool and such with him. She was so convincing that he was utterly shocked when Will was evicted.

So, maybe her behavior since the comp. last night really has been just to a.) ensure she's his pick if he wins, and b.) get him to relax, thinking she's throwing part 3 so she can more easily win. If she wins, she probably whispers to him, sorry, guess I don't throw well (throw like a girl?), but don't worry you're safe. Then she gets to go Jersey on ass when she kicks him out.

That would be awesome!

I'm out of predictions....tune in for the drama!

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