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You have to wonder


What were they thinking?

I try to avoid taking shots that make the hamsters look just awful. If I catch someone with their eyes closed or with an odd expression, I usually just trash it. But every once in a while I end up with a pic that just makes you wonder, what the heck are they doing? And sometimes, even when you know what's going on, you're still left to wonder, what were they thinking?

geo bubbles bo bubbles

George did this a lot and I'm really not sure why. Boogie, on the other hand, was doing impersonations for Erika's amusement on one of their last nights and this was his George. Priceless.

will with a bowl on his head

Don't know what made him put the bowl on his head. But it was funny.

bony butt

Okay, she's doing yoga. But doesn't she know how it's gonna look on camera?

janelle flies

She was either auditioning to be the next SuperGirl, or practicing her balance in anticipation of an endurance comp like the dial one from last year.

howie battles the chair lion alliance

I saw this happen, and even at the time I couldn't figure out what got him started. I think in the second picture he's attempting to form an alliance with the lion (that is a lion, right?). Maybe the chair was to tame the lion? Whatever he was thinking, it was classic Howie. And pure entertainment.


Seriously. What was she thinking?!