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The Great Mistake

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posted Thursday, 7 September 2006
Could be the end for our Janie-Doll.

Now she has to sit by and watch Boogie and Erika vie for final HOH. If B. wins, it's pretty clear he'll take E. to the end. Whether or not he blames her for Will's eviction, he knows he's got a better shot against her than against J. I seem to be in the minority in my thinking that Erika gets the credit for taking out "the best player" and that this wins the game for her. Now, if Erika wins HOH, I'm not sure what she's going to do. Until last night I was 95% sure she was so over Boogie and his manipulation of her that she'd take Janelle. But last night she made nice with B. This could easily be to assure that she goes to the end if he wins, but she also seems to be thinking of her own game, and I'm guessing she'll take him if she wins.

Before the comp. last night, Janelle said she had learned a lot from Will. To play unemotionally, to vote out the strongest players, to never let someone know when you're going to evict them. The question is, did she learn how to pull the puppet strings? To have any chance here, she needs to play all day today. She needs to convince B. that Erika really doesn't have his best interests at heart. Perhaps get him alone and cry to him about how she realizes now what a horrible mistake she made in sending Will out; that Erika got to her and convinced her and now she realizes that E. was just saving her own skin. Tell him how angry E. has been at him....the key being to do this w/o E. finding out. And at the same time, she needs to make sure the GrrlPower alliance is intact. I'm not holding out a lot of hope, though.

If Janie leaves tonight, the show will be over for me. I mean, sure, I'll watch the finale, but the fun will be gone.

I'm starting to think that if the finals does end up being Boogie and Erika, B. might actually win it. Redoing my tally:

Marcellas: Erika (would never vote for B.)
Howie: Boogie (see Janie)
James: Boogie (anti-floater, B. has said all along he felt bad about evicting J.)
Danielle: Boogie (Erika "scumbagged" her; and to get to this F2, she may have to do the same to Janie)
George: Erika (had an "alliance" with her, tho she broke it; seems to favor the "nice girls")
Will: Boogie (obviously)
Janelle: Boogie (E. swore on her mother, got J. to evict W., was a floater)

Janie will probably influence Howie, Will might influence James and Dani. And though he's no Dr. Will, I think Boogie comes off better in the questioning. He can take credit for the CT moves, he did play the game pretty straightforwardly, letting Will be the hit man. All Erika's got is her begging routine, with the poor me, poor me and he doesn't need the money chorus. No one on the jury, except maybe CG, is falling for that.

This is why evicting Will was Janie's Great Mistake. If she'd kept him, she might still be leaving tonight, but at least she'd be losing to the master, not to Erika, who floated the whole game, made one majestic move, let herself be taken (back) in by a homance, and broke a promise she made on her mother.

This sucks.

Oh, and if someone did steal/hide her Jedi Janie competition gloves....that really sucks. Not that I really believe they would have made a difference, but still.

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