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posted Friday, 18 August 2006
Okay, before I get going on the game/show, I have to make one more plea to save Erika from herself.  The woman has an honest to God eating disorder.  I've been pretty sure of this all along, but I saw something last night that nailed it.  Other people picked up on it too.  Go look at the various update/screen caps sites and check out what she didn't eat for dinner last night.  She puts a couple of pieces of pizza on her plate, takes one bite, moves stuff around and that's it.  Classic anorexic behavior.  For all her complaining, she took advantage of being on the slop diet to not eat.  And check out her arms, face and neck.  That's the look of someone who is not eating, not someone who is just naturally skinny.  Finally, she is in a somewhat stressful situation where she is bound to feel out of control.  Eating disorders are about control.  No matter how little control you have over the rest of your life, you can control what you eat.  Anyone who knows anything about anorexia can see that she's suffering from it.  And if the producers aren't noticing and having the show's psychologist talk to her, they're being irresponsible.  At this point I'm hoping she gets voted out tomorrow or Sunday or whenever it is, just so she can get some help.  Obviously I don't know this woman, and I have my opinions of her in the game, but all that aside, just as a human being I am seriously concerned about her.

Alright, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Back to the fantasy of reality TV.  First, the stupid stuff from last night.  It really sucks that a bunch of people paid to vote for Janie for "prom queen" and then she didn't get the real prize.  But she was cute and appreciative about what she got, and I can't imagine the "advantage" in the HOH comp. would have mattered to anyone else, so whatever.  And for all of James' bitching about America being stupid in their choices, someone really ought to explain to him what the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded for.  He's right that you wouldn't expect someone without an education to win a Nobel Prize in, say, Physics, but Peace?  Besides, that's not really what the question was about.  It just meant "who's the most diplomatic?"  What fools we all are for not voting for James.  >smirk<

I have to say I was amazed that George won with his tie breaker answer.  Apparently neither of them can multiply, or they were both thinking the question was "how many hours" not "how many minutes" was the house without hot water.  And then his nominations totally shocked me.  I figured Chilltown was going up for sure.  And his real target was Danielle?!? WTF.  But I'm gaining a totally new respect for him, listening to the negotiations currently going on.  He's clearly nobody's fool (never thought he was, but now it's showing) and he's also a completely stand-up guy.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that adds up to "buh-bye" for him in the not-too-distant future.

I was a little surprised the votes went down the way they did last night.  Not the outcome, but the 6-0.  With all the waffling, I figured it had to be closer.  Makes you wonder want went on behind the flames in the hours right before the show.  Or, confirms the theory I proposed a couple weeks ago that they've been instructed to make things seem closer so the feeders don't know with such absolute certainty what's going to happen.

And they're doing a good job of that now.  Things are changing from moment to moment.  Geo. nominated James and Erika, supposedly with a plan to backdoor Dani b/c he thought she tried to set him up by telling him to vote out Erika yesterday.  James won the veto, but in the meanwhile various ppl have convinced CG (maybe?) that Dani wasn't trying to screw him (I'm not sure they're wrong, I never felt like D. was after him, more that she wanted to make sure she could control him).  For awhile they had him agreeing to put up Jani, but after a sleepless night, he told Howie and J. that he wouldn't do that to them b/c he had promised not to.  (Good man!)  He also told them how everyone was pushing for Janie to go, and so I think they finally understand that they really can't trust James.  The only thing that kinda sucks is that H/J promised Geo. they would keep Erika, but it sounds like they think they can't honor that.  I'm not sure why, though.  It does seem Erika will go against anyone other than Janelle.  Plus there's the "twist" with the coup.  It's an open secret that Boogie's got it, and even though he is being pretty good about not telling what it is (my guess the DR told him if he tells he loses the power, otherwise you know he would have told Will), they're all pretty sure it's got something to do with changing noms.  And I think Will at least understands that the HOH is immune.  So, there's a chance Janie could go up, if CG puts up Will or Boogie and B. uses the coup.  I hope he won't use it to save anyone else...and I don't think he would.

Geez....just checked updates, and things have changed like 3 times just in the time it's taken me to type this (and I type really fast, just for the record).  I hope CG knows he'd be an idiot to put up CT and risk "the power."  The only thing for him to do is put up Dani, and say goodbye to Erika.  I know it will make him sad, but if he puts up CT, B. could end up just taking off one, putting Dani up, and they say goodbye to Erika anyway.  Of course, that's not what B. wants.  He'd want to put up Howie and Janie, would be my guess and have J. leave.  But....Will wants Janie to stay (and for a good reason--to fight with Dani and keep everyone off CT).  So, if it does come to a coup, we find out 2 things:  is Will still running the show, and is Boogie a moron?...actually maybe 3...does he really care about Erika?

Gak...this is amazingly stressful.  :)

We've had about 10 minutes of flames, likely the veto I'm going to post and go take a deep breath.  I'm sure I'll be back, though.

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