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brilliant or bonehead?

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posted Friday, 18 August 2006
So, CG just nom'ed the one person I was sure he wouldn't: Howie.  On the one hand, he didn't really have much of a choice.  Boogie convinced him that putting up CT would bring the wrath of the mystery power down on him; he felt for whatever reason that he couldn't go back on his word to Janie (but he could go back on his wod to H?!?!); I guess he's decided Danielle wasn't messing w/him so he won't go after her, or maybe he's afraid if he put her up she's got too many supporters and Erika would go, when he's promised her to keep her (so why'd he nominate her?).  And on that note, the way he knew he was keeping E. was that Janie and Howie had promised to keep her in exchange for their safety.  Now Howie doesn't vote, and Janie doesn't have to keep the deal (regardless of whether she was going to break it anyway) b/c G. broke it first.

And in another shocker James is saying he's going to vote to keep Howie?  Huh?  He's got to know that no one believes in the S6 alliance anymore (esp. since it sounds like Howie may have called out all the alliances at the veto ceremony).  Is James full of sh8t, or does he maybe think he can rebuild that loyalty by voting for Howie?  He did say something about E. being a better competitor, which is true, so maybe it is just a selfish move.  And God only knows what Dani might do.  If James really does want H. to stay maybe he could sway her.  Willboogie seem to be sticking with Erika; Will b/c he figures w/Howie gone he'll totally have Janie and Boogie for obvious reasons.

So, as to my original point.  What's George up to?  Howie was loyal to him, so why ditch him?  Erika may be saying she's loyal, but he has to have noticed she's not to be trusted.  But maybe, just maybe, this has all be a complicated plan to get Erika out w/o looking like that's what he's doing.  I.e. preserving her vote on the jury if he makes it to the end.

But damn.  Now we have another eviction I don't care about.  I'd like to see Erika go for all the reasons I've been saying (she irritates me, she needs food, etc.), but if she stays, whatever.  And I'd like to see Howie stay b/c he's Janie's sidekick and I think she needs him.  But if he goes...whatever.

Sounds like they're voting "live to tape" tonight, so whoever goes actually goes.  This may mean no feeds until after Sunday's show, which would totally blow.  What am I going to do all weekend? Maybe good practice for what am I going to do after 9/12..... :-P  (IMNSHO, I say CBS would be stupid to block the feeds for that long...sure the feeders would know what's happening on Sunday, but that's always the case.  And to take away 2+ days from people who paid for "24/7" access does not encourage repeat customers.  Esp. after they ripped off all those people who voted in the prom queen thing.

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