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posted Friday, 18 August 2006
So, we had a few dramatic hours of wondering if the feeds wer going to be off for the weekend.  The best part was reading everyone's identical conversations with the tech people.  Outsourcing.  What a fabulous idea.  The not quite right English grammar was the only sign that the answers were not coming out of a computer.  Good news is that TPB apparently figured out that it would be stupid to stay offline all weekend.

So we're back, sans Howie.  Not a shock.  As I said, I don't particularly care, but poor Janie-doll is still in tears.  I'm guessing that not only is she sad about losing her boy, but she's probably thinking she's about to see the door herself.  Which brings me to what does surprise me:  Boogie's HOH.  Which means the coup won't get used.  Which is sort of too bad since it was the "big twist" for the season, and now we don't get to see if it would have made things interesting.

I started to  analyze who I think Boogie will nom and who will go, but Janie's making me too sad to worry about it.  Apparently people were cheering when she got knocked out of the HOH contest and on top of them cheering Howie out the door she's really hurt.  That is pretty bad.  It's one thing to celebrate your own victories (hello, hypocrite alert:  these are the same people who criticized S6 for celebrating winning) but to celebrate other people's losses right in their face...that's low.

So, I think I'm just going to watch Psych and hope that someone will be (sincerely) nice to Janie and cheer her up.  I shouldn't care this much, but I do.  Maybe next time Will tells me to get a life, I ought to listen.  :-D

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