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mommy, mommy, I want a Janie Doll!

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posted Sunday, 20 August 2006
As much as James' whining annoys me, it is possible that he has a point.  Janelle was clearly either born under the luckiest star ever, the producers are fixing the show for her, or she's just the best frickin' player ever.  There's apparently some contraversy over the veto comp.  Something about Janie and James fighting over a doll.  It sounds hysterical.  I'll admit, I'm totally a Janiac (love her!) and I kind of don't care if they're letting her win to keep her around longer.  Because I'm here for the drama, and they're giving it to me.

Of course, what James doesn't know is that CT was helping Janie.  So, maybe it's not so much that the producers love her but that Will does.

Can't wait for tonight's show to see the Howie drama.

Things in the house have been incredibly boring today.  Just everyone sleeping or doing nothing.  They're starting to complain that they're sooooo bored.  Now might be a good time to tell them that they've only got 3 weeks left, not the 5 or whatever they think.

And in the "my life is pathetic" category, I stayed up until a totally unreasonable hour last night (this morning listening to Will and Janelle).  They finally went to bed at 5AM BBT (8AM) for me.  I can't believe I did that.  Tomorrow's going to be interesting, as I'm wide awake now, having slept until almost 3PM...but I still have to go to work in the morning.  :-P

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