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posted Monday, 21 August 2006
Okay, there's not much going on in the house/live feeds right now.  Some game talk over the last 24 hours as CT and Janie seem to have firmed up their "split the money" deal.  Once again, the great doctor has demonstrated that he is the smartest person in the game.  If you're listening to him talk about how to present things to various people (e.g. Danielle, to get her to be okay with James going) and what order people should go him, you realize why he still rules them all.  And now, it seems to all be working.  Danielle is buying his "James is double-dipping" thing, and she's offered a "truce" to Janelle.

Erika, who still needs to eat, was cuddled up to Boogie this morning, probably to ensure she wasn't going to be the replacement nom.  If there are real feelings between those two they're doing a good job of hiding it.

So, the show last night was pretty packed.  The "red room discussion" was good.  didn't seem at all staged.  I think Boogie was really freaking out b/c he couldn't talk to Will about the coup d'etat so he didn't know what to do.  And I think George really did change his mind in that last moment about putting up Howie.  And then Howie's departure fight thing was, uh, dramatic.  He was clearly pissed about being nominated, and I think he really did believe people who said they were going to keep him.  He's a loyal guy and expects the same from others.  The most interesting thing to me about the fight at the door was watching James.  He can come across as such a jerk, but if you watch his movement and expression when he steps in btwn B. and H. you can see what I think is his genuine personality.   Calm and decent.  It was very much like the moment when he was talking to Sarah on the phone.  Kind of made me like him again.

Of course then he goes and blows it by whining all weekend about whatever happened during the POV comp.  I have a feeling when we see the tape of that on Tues. we'll see that it was questionable, but really not that bad.  Part of me wonders, if it's scripted, exit order pre-determined, is this not maybe a way of making it possible for James to leave now?

And then we get the lead in to poor, sad Janie.  The pies in the face really weren't nice, but everyone, except Boogie and George, got one.  So it's not like she was targeted (note to Janie:  remember Diane and the worms....).  And the celebration by Erika and Dani was about B. winning, not Janie losing.  It really wasn't any different than the S6 celebrations.  The other interesting thing is, we got a glimpse of Will helping Janie clean up and she's kind of laughing and smiling.  So, what happened between then and when the feeds came back on and we found her in the depths of despair?  There was some discussion that indicated that there was futher pie throwing (cause someone commented about George getting one in the face and therefore getting a bit of real food).  So, something more could have happened there.  Or maybe just the time passing and taking a moment to realize that her 3 best friends had just left, 1, 2, 3; not to mention that she does feel she was tricked into kicking out Marcellas, and then Howie leaves in such a bad way.  Or maybe she's just a really good actress.

I don't think she was totally faking.  She did have a lot to be sad about, but I think she kind of milked it.  Then there's the fact that she mentioned feeling sick/feverish.  I know from personal experience that when you're sick it's easy to overreact and get emotional about something that you'd normally just let slide.  On the other hand, if you cry for 6 hours, you can work yourself up enough that you feel feverish anyway.

Anyway, as far as predictions, I will be shocked (and disappointed) if James doesn't leave on Thursday.  Beyond that it totally depends on who wins HOH.  But it does seem as if the CT+J alliance has final 3 wrapped up, barring a minor disaster.  The big question there is will Will really leave if 1 of them has to?  I feel like he would, but that seems wrong.  If it comes down to Janie vs. Boogie it's really no contest.  Janie vs. that would be interesting.  And once again kids, what are we here for?  That's right, the drama.  :-)

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