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stop that!

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posted Tuesday, 22 August 2006
(You have to imagine that being said the BB voice.)

These people are stressin' me out.   Just when I think everything is going the way I want it to go, we get things like Boogie doubting Janelle's claim that Danielle offered her a truce.  Which is hysterical b/c it's true.  The level of distrust is so high that even when someone is being totally honest, no one believes them.  But eventally they seemed to get back on the same page, though B. still foolishly thinks Erika is more trustworthy than Janelle.

Other than that, nothing really seemed to be happening last night, game-wise.  We got some pretty entertaining storytelling from Will and Janie as they paced the backyard.  Apparently there was some amusing poker playing later on (and a great comment about how since Janie was doing so well at poker that they'd go out for the next HOH and that's what it would be), but I had gone to sleep by then.  The good thing about things winding down is that I might get some rest this week.

The best comment I heard yesterday was someone talking about how slow things were now and saying they ought to just do double evictions every week at the end.  By my calculations they pretty much have to, if they're going to finish on the 12th.  I keep wondering if they're going to share this tidbit with the happy little hamsters.  I'm not sure what the point of not telling them is.

Well, slow day for everyone.  Catch ya later! 


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