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posted Wednesday, 23 August 2006
So, fair readers, today we're wondering if any fouls have been committed recently in the BB house. Fouls against other players, fouls against the be the judge.

Question 1: The veto contraversy. Whatever the truth, CBS clearly wants us to believe "no foul." The numerous replays with the circled dolls prove that. They did show the kick, but didn't have a way to convey to the TV audience that it was ruled "incidental contact" (I heard James on the feeds explain that this what they had told him about it in the DR, but as that came in the middle of the massive hissy fit and talking about contracts and lawyers they couldn't very well air it). I'd call it incidental, too. If James needs a demonstration of foul worthy contact, someone should send him a tape of the head-butting thing from the World Cup final. While the veto comp had it's questionable moments, it seemed basically fair. Besides it was pretty funny to see two grown people fighting over a doll. So, James: here's a ladder, get over yourself. p.s. when you're done, please pass it to Danielle. I believe I offered it to her before, but she still keeps telling us how great she is.

Verdict: No foul. Game was fair, fun for us.

Question 2: What the heck did Will and Janelle talk about in the DR last night, and was it legal/ethical? The two prevailing theories are that either they admitted their "true feelings" and ditched their respective S.O.s, or it was about the money split. My personal theory? It was money, but they're taking advantage of the moment to make ppl think was love. Anyone else picking up on something here? Love or Money....will's g/f won that show twice.... Rumor has it that Erin has asked that her pics and stuff be removed from Will's myspace site b/c she's so over his behavior on the show. Counter-rumor has it that this was pre-planned. Here's my thing: Will a.) didn't know what an Internet chat was and b.) isn't 14 years old. So do we really think he is seriously a myspace user? Publicity, baby, pub-lic-ity. A lot of people are pointing out that there does seem to be real chemistry btwn him and J. Maybe there is. Up until last night I would have said that they're not good enough actors to fake that much....but....on last night's show we get Janie saying that the crying meltdown thing was all game. You could say she's lying b/c she's embarrassed about crying like that, but then you'd have to admit that she sounded pretty convincing saying it was fake. Either way, she gets best actress award. And we already know that Will's a master of deception. So, anything's possible, and one way or another they're definitely playing the audience as much as we thought they were playing each other. I'll admit it--they had me fooled. But it's been pretty damn fun to watch. And continues to be.

Verdict: Possible foul. If Will and Erin were for real and he's really betraying her (for lack of a better word), then total foul by W. Bad game play and no fun for us if someone is really getting hurt. Any other scenario, no foul. Fair game play, fun for us.

Question 2.b: If they are splitting the money, is that allowed? From what I hear, normally BB players are contractually barred from making those kinds of deals, but with All-Stars that's not the case. Since at this point they're basically all paid actors, with the prize money being a bonus to whomever can entertain us the longest, I don't have a problem with splitting. And I'm pretty sure that, as Will keeps saying, as long as all the taxes get paid, the government is cool with it too.

Verdict: No foul. Fair game play (they all knew what the contracts said going in), and if it makes it easier to keep interesting ppl around b/c they can work together instead of against each other, fun for us.

Question 3: Erika and Boogie? That was just foul. 'Nuf said.

Verdict: FOUL!!!! First, EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! .... Second, find some self-respect! Both of you! Bad game play, showmance flirting is one thing, but skanky 'ho behavior and trash talk, not so much. No fun for us....see EWWWWWW!!!!!

On another note, the best line award goes to an updater. I haven't been watching the feeds too much over the last couple of days b/c it's boring to watch other people play cards and do laundry. But I'm still reading the updates. Yesterday CG decided to bake a dough-James to sort of counter something James did with a George-doll from the Veto comp. There was this update that read: "CG realizes that James is still in the oven and runs to pull him out." LOL!

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