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the anticipation is KILLING me

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posted Saturday, 2 September 2006
....and I'm sure it's killing the HGs too.  They've been on lockdown for hours, and we've been promised a veto competition.  Everyone has been quizzing all day.  I have to say, Erika knows her sh1t.  If it's straight questions, esp. if there's a time factor, she has a good chance.  But they've been setting up the comp. forever, so there's got to be a physical component to it, right?

It sounds like Willboogie will go ahead and vote out E. if they win the veto, but I'd feel much better knowing J. won it.  Of course, then she has to go on to win final HOH.  It actually would be kind of fun if Will broke his streak and actually won a comp.  I was just thinking, I'm not sure how he'd react to actuall winning something.  He claims to have his whole speech planned, and he would save Janie, but....he's probably lying, right?

Will!  Stop singing!!!!!

And Will's playing injured, too.  Which would only make his victory more charming. (Note to Erika and James...that's what a real injury looks like.  B. still wins with his 10 stitches...but a smashed thumb is pretty good, too.)

Okay, BB, let's get this party started!

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