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posted Friday, 1 September 2006
Janie's latest HOH, that is.  Of course, she's had more than anyone, so it's not like she's missing out.

Anyway, recap.  I thought the show was good.  Julie seemed to handle things better than usual, so they got through the speed-evening w/o incident.  I'm convinced the HGs (or Dr/Producer Will, at least) have had a clue what was coming for at least a day.  My evidence?  When BB was building in the BY, Will said "it's probably for POV...POV is physical."  He definitely meant POV, it wasn't a misspeak of HOH.  Another interesting coinckydink...2nd eviction was CG, who was the only other person packed.  But, notice when he was leaving and couldn't carry all his stuff, Boogie said "don't worry about it, we'll get it to you."  My guess is that they were told something about someone leaving and not being packed.  They also didn't seem too shocked when eviction 1 happened 8 minutes into the show, and they ran through everything pretty smoothly.  Oh!  And they obviously got to practice POV.  No way they could just go out there cold and know what to do.

I wanted Erika to go, but I can deal with her staying.  As long as she goes next.  For a split second I thought Will was actually going to win a competition.  I think he really was trying for one breaks a bone (or jams a thumb or whatever he did) if they don't care.  I'm not sure what he really wanted to happen.  He told B. he wanted to take CG to final 3 (see yesterday, re: does he ever lie to Boogie?), but he's all about "good TV' and wouldn't you say that Operation Double Date makes a more interesting final 4 than Operation Does Boogie Have to Hookup w/Chicken George Now?  (LOL...I crack myself up sometimes.)

Both Danielle and CG walked out w/dignity.  Dani said she'd vote for the best player, as it should be.  George, of course, was just legitimately happy he got to have the experience.

A lightbulb finally popped on over someone's head and the remaining hamsters are catching on to the early end date.  I still say Will has known all else was he going to make that wedding he's mentioned a few times?  And last night he actually started the thought process by pointing out that there weren't enough people left to take them to the end date...maybe someone was coming back?  Which led to everyone else saying no way they'd bring someone back this late.  And finally Boogie realized that the finale was probably moved up to happen before the fall lineup starts, b/c BB takes up 3 timeslots each week.  Dingdingdingding!!!!

Boogie wins HOH, which pretty much had to happen, but he doesn't look happy about it.  Neither does Erika, who seems to be realizing that something is afoot with Janelle and CT.  I start to wonder if B. is growing a conscience in that he seems a little less than thrilled about nominating/evicting E.  But he shows his loyalty to the banana bread alliance by bursting in on W & J in the storage room before Erika can pick up anything too juicy while eavesdropping.  Of course, it's really Will he's protecting...can't have his boy caught "double-dipping."

I went to bed, so I didn't get to see all the drama last night.  I'm going to try to catch up on youtube tonight.  Even with the updates, I think I need to see their faces and hear tones of voice to have an opinion on what's going on.  W & J were either fighting or acting or something.  Who knows?  And at this point, who cares?  The pace of the game should actually pick up just a tad to meet the adjusted TV schedule.  If I've got this right, they have noms today (J & E, no shock) and play for the Diamond POV tomorrow, or maybe tonight, to be ready to air on Sunday's show.  Then we have a live eviction Tuesday, final HOH and another eviction Thursday.  I'm hearing no show on Sunday the 10th, and then the finale, of course, on the 12th.  Hopefully, there's enough to do to keep the feeds from getting intensely boring.  But if it's not Erika who goes next (since B. safe as HOH), I think that's it for the entertainment factor.  I'll still watch to the end, but man, will I be disappointed.

If E. wins POV, we're screwed.  And if Willboogie wins it we find out what Will really wants (in the game--I doubt we'll ever know what he really wants).  He won points with me last night towards winning the game when he scripted Janelle's nomination speech ("I don't know what to do....").  She played the dumb blonde that we all know she's not, very well.  She did the right thing for her with her nominations, and if she could have won POV, she would have been golden.  No one can win every time, but Will seems to be able to pull the strings every time, making his the better strategy.  How does he do it?

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