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he's probably lying

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posted Thursday, 31 August 2006
At least twice during the past week I've heard Dr. Will tell the story of Kaysar asking if he was safe, Will standing there in his "I'm probably lying" shirt, saying yes, K. leaves and W. turns to the camera and points at his shirt.  It actually was a funny moment, b/c K. did appear to believe him.  So now not only do we have everyone knowing how he played S2, but he's telling them he's playing that way again.  One has to wonder why people aren't catching on.  Or are they?

CT has told both Dani and George that they're staying tonight.  G. I think believes them b/c they've been telling him this for weeks and he's still there.  But I also think if he goes he won't be shocked, he'll laugh and say "good job, Doc" and walk out (hopefully not wearing the flower costume...).  From Producer Will's point of view, lying to CG does nothing b/c he won't give that shocked and horrified reaction Will wants to see.  Danielle, on the other hand....ultimate betrayal.  The real question is, why in the name of all that is evil in Chilltown, would D. believe W/B for a second?  She keeps asking if she's safe, and when they say yes, she seems to accept it.  But personally, I'm pretty sure she knows she's out.  She's not stupid, and she saw what they did to James.  And I'm pretty sure she is out.  B/C while it would definitely be a surprise for CT to keep her, it would be the stupidest move ever.  If she stays, she'll be coming after them like it is her job, as she would say.

And they're (probably) lying to the "girls" about their respective 'mances.  Erika really does seem to believe she's got a real relationship going on.  The poor dear.  For as much as she can irritate me, she's had a couple of those moments (like James) that make me kind of like her.  She seems to be eating a little (yea!), and I love the pink bear.  I think she really is trying to play with some integrity and loyalty, though clearly she still wants to win the game (which is fine).  But then she turns around and has those Boogie-night moments, and ....flag on the play...FOUL!! eyes, my eyes!   The other night after the dinner I actually had to turn off the feeds b/c both couples were really bugging me.  B&E for the obvious reason, and W&J b/c there's only so much wine and cheese I can take.  The whispery, flirty thing is just annoying.  That more than anything convinces me that the whole thing is just for the game.  And it's not fun to watch.  I love both Janie and Will in the game, and it's fun to watch them play, but sitting there making googly eyes at each other and whispering things we can't hear (I'm guessing random words just to mess w/us and the other HGs)...boring and annoying.  Not to mention the fact that if I'm the bf/gf sitting at home, that stuff pisses me off more than the shower or the regular showmance flirting.   Boogie actually made that same point last terrified was I that we had come to the same conclusion?!

When W said last night that it really was all show, and "for the Internet, I love Erin's all strategy baby"...okay, yep.  I believe that.  We may never know if she believes it.  If that were my bf, he'd be totally dumped at this point, but I can't help coming back to the point that she's played these games herself, and I would bet they talked about this before he went in the house.  If the dumping is a publicity stunt, it's clearly working.  Anyway, then W. goes on to his whole "Janelle totally thinks she's marrying a doctor when we get out of here" thing....first place, don't be so sure, Dr. McFull-of-Yourself...and second place, if that's even remotely true, I so hope she kicks your pompous ass all over the place.  Actually, I kind of want her to do that no matter what.

I still think Will rules them all and should and will win the game.  But, Janelle's got a lot going for her, and if she can pull one trick out of her sleeve and show us that Dr. Delicious isn't the only puppetmaster in town, she might just take it from him.

My last point on the lying theme....has Will ever lied to Boogie?  Other than maybe some little fibs about things people said, I can't think of anything.  But wouldn't that be the ultimate lie?  If he's just using B. to coast to the end, effectively giving himself  2 votes.

Okay, so Line of the Day from yesterday:  Janelle is talking about speed dating or somthing and Boogie says "Did you tell them you make great banana bread?"  CG cracks up....and he doesn't even know why that's funny.  The other one was Will talking about getting BB to invent new reprimands just for him and how "eat a dick" is catching on.  He says it would be funny if BB said that to him.  A bit later we get a few minutes of flames and when we come back W. asks J. "did you hear BB tell me to eat a dick?"  She says no, and Danielle says "Yeah, they said 'thank you Danielle and Will eat a dick!'"  If it actually happened, sorry we missed it, and that's pretty funny.  But, you know....he's probably lying.

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