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posted Tuesday, 29 August 2006
They were incredibly boring all day has occurred to me that as we get towards the end of the show, the TV eps get more interesting, but the live feeds get as boring as all get out.

But now they are enjoying their 5* dinner, and despite the fact that "restautantuer" Mike Boogie doesn't know what makes a five-star restaurant (I know this and I've never been to one!), they all look so purdy, and they must really be enjoying the food b/c they're not talking much.  Seriously, I'm happy for them.

The show was funny.  Not as funny as Sunday (I'm not sure anything will ever top the birds and the bees), but NPH was great, Dani and the Doorbell, and the editors managed to make everything seem more suspensful than it actually was.  Except, ironically, the veto.  I don't know about anyone else, but I was f*ckin' freaking out over the veto comp.  Maybe b/c I knew tonight how it was going to turn out, I wasn't at all stressed.  But anyway.  Can't wait until Thursday.

I'm still on my position that if the final 2 is anyone other than Will v. Janie, I will be disappointed and of the opinion that the winner can't claim to be the true All-Star.  I still say Will wins, but I totally love Janelle and the show would be nothing without her.  And if she wins, I'll hardly be sorry.

I'm pretty sure we're up all night watching dinner and the aftermath.  If it gets boring, I'll go to bed, but otherwise, I'm here.

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