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posted Saturday, 2 September 2006
I actually screamed and clapped when the feeds came back on and I saw Janie with her pretty veto necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She *is* the Energizer Competitor.

Erika looks sad....too bad, so sad. Sorry sweetie, but you're going to feel so much worse when you hear all the sh1t Mike Boogie said about you in the DR. And I have to admit, I was just starting to kind of like E. But she's just not our JanieDoll.

Uh-oh. It sounds like Erika is claiming a technical malfunction....if that's true....this could get ugly. Guess we'll find out Tuesday?

Oh, who cares? Janelle lives to fight another day....gotta love her....Will's gonna win, but gotta love her. :)

(LOL....listening to Boogie trying to convince Erika that he really tried to win.)

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