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turnabout and fair play

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posted Monday, 4 September 2006
I was surprised to realize yesterday that I have really turned around in respect to my feelings about Erika.  She still kind of annoys me, but they all annoy me at this point.  And I'm starting to respect her gameplay a little bit more.  I don't appreciate her strategy of whining/begging/crying, "poor me, poor me" kind of thing.  But she is a pretty skilled competition player (I think she almost won that veto), and she's starting to turn up the strategy by telling Janelle what Will's really up to.  It's kind of infuriating that E. can be completely honest, yet somehow Will manages to turn it around to make her look like the bitch.  (Note to Janelle:  Will DID say that you were ruining his life....)

The sad thing is that E. doesn't seem to realize that she ought to be looking in a mirror when reading those "he's playing you" speeches.  She seems to be the one person left in the house who actually understands what a mature relationship is about.  I think she hit the nail on the head with her comment yesterday that W. sharing a bed w/J. was crossing a line that his g/f probably wouldn't appreciate.  OTOH, Mike was absolutely right that Will will probably be able to charm his way right back into her good graces if he wants to.

Erika still has to go this week.  Janie would be crazy to keep her, b/c E. could beat her in the final HOH, and no matter what she says, if that happens she's taking Boogie to the end b/c she wants to win the game.  And if E. wins, no one is splitting that money.  Once she sees what's been going on behind her back she's going to need every last penny for a.) a shrink b.) a hit man and c.) a lawyer.  And yes, Boogie, you are going to hell.

As far as fair play, I am sooo over the whispering thing.  That's not even fair to say b/c I was never not over it, but it's just getting worse.  It's stupid and not remotely entertaining.  In fact, I'm so irritated by it that I sort of want one of them out of the house, just so we don't have to deal with them together anymore.  If they do end up as F2, we'll get to see if the whispering is really just gameplay, or something else.  It's good strategy for Will at this point, though I don't know what it gets Janelle.  If she thinks that Will is going to take her to the end (assuming pigs fly and he wins 2 competitions to get HOH), she's really not paying attention.  Not only would that be a stupid game move, he TOLD her it's not happening.  Maybe he's whispered in her ear that he will take her and he's lying to B., but as we all know.....he's probably lying.

I gained a little more insight into why it is I like BB so much, but generally dislike reality TV.  I enjoy the competitions and the strategy, even the lies and manipulation; the intellectual game.  But once it becomes the whispery, touch feely, rolling around in the bed stuff, we might as well be watching the Bachelor or one of those stupid dating-reality shows.  And those I HATE.  Because messing with someone's emotions is just not entertaining.  The other thing I like about BB is the all inclusiveness, the fact that we see pretty much everything.  Call it voyeurism, or a study in human nature.  Whatever it is, it's interesting.

So, line of the day goes to Boogie for "Did you and your little doll-friend eat my chocolate chip cookies?"

The other bizarrely amusing thing was Will standing around with his thumb up in the air.  I'm sure it hurt and he was just trying to keep it elevated, but particularly when they were lined up for the HOH comp., he just looked like a big dork.

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