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It's getting chilly in Chilltown

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posted Tuesday, 5 September 2006
I think the Great Dr. Will may be f*cked.

Erika pulled out all the stops last night and spilled everything to Janelle, right down to being "just a simple girl from a town named Chill" and the money-split deal.  She also told Janie all the nasty names the boys have called her behind her back, and that Will's just playing her.  J. was all too ready to believe that, as she had a news flash of her own:  Back at ya sweetie....Boogie's playing you.  This really did seem to be news to Erika, and she got to go through her heartbreak on national TV.  Though, you have to admit, she recovered pretty quickly and was out there playing pool and convincing B. that she believes she's going home.  I'm not saying her feelings aren't real, I'm just saying she's definitely got her mind in the game still.

The deal E. offered to J. was to swear to vote Will out and take each other to the final 2.  It seems Janie took it.  For a while she seemed to be agreeing without really agreeing, but in the end she shook hands, said let's do it, and has been keeping Will at arms length ever since.  For as perceptive as Will usually he is, he doesn't seem to quite realize how out the door he is.  He clearly knew something went down and he tried some small moves to win her back, but nothing really worthy of the puppetmaster.  Maybe he really has met his match.  But he's met his match in Erika?  Because if he does leave tonight, it's E. who got him out.  I knew he was in trouble as soon as Janie lied to him about what she and Erika had talked about.  I'm still hoping that he pulls a move out of his butt sometime today and things work out, but I'm not counting on it.

And this really does suck.  A final 3 of Boogie, Janelle, and Erika is about as uninteresting as watching paint dry (or as those bizarre dice and pig rolling games they got yesterday!).  At least E.'s on to Boogie's game now so we won't have to watch them canoodle for a week.  And while evicting Will may seem like the smart game move, I really don't think it wraps things for Janie.  First place, Boogie is going to be pissed off.  He's going to go after them like it's his job, life's mission, and religious quest all rolled into one.  The money deal will be off and he'll be fighting for that 500K more than ever.  Plus, Will will be at the jury house, working his charms on the rest of them.  And even if we get Erika and Janelle for the F2, well, first place, someone wake me up for the voting, and secondly, Erika might actually get a lot of votes.  First place, she will get credit for taking down CT.  And that might buy her Danielle's vote.  And since Dani's the only juror that E. majorly pissed off, that's a big coup.  And don't think Erika doesn't know this.  On Sunday she and Boogie spent hours analyzing the jury.  And I think somewhere in there she realized that if she got Will out, she scored major points.  I'm not convinced either that she would honor the final 2 deal.  I'm 99% sure she's lying that she "never had a deal with Danielle."  And I know she promised CG she'd never vote for him to leave, but did (to save Boogie, for those keeping score at home, which also broke the deal she had with Janie), so we know she's not always true to her word.  And she wants to win, and has to know she has a better chance of beating B.  Plus with Janelle on the jury, even having betrayed her, she'd possibly vote for E. over B.  And now that she's on to the showmance/homance crap, what sweet justice would it be to whip his ass in the end (the only downside being that she'd be handing him the 50K).  She might take more satisfaction in voting him out; I'm not sure.

Also, Erika's doing what she always does:  kissing the butt of whoever's in power.  Janie has the not-Diamond Veto and therefore all the power this week.  If Erika gets what she wants here, she will literally float to the end.  I'm hoping Janie realizes this before 5PM tonight.  On the plus side, that might help Janie with the jury.  Even though Erika gets the Kill Will move, Janie (and Will) did the rest of the work.

And mostly that's what really sucks.  Will has played a great game, and to kick him out now, esp. before the float-queen, is just wrong.  It's funny.  At one point Janie asked Erika why she would take J. to the end over B. since he'd be so much easier to beat.  Erika said "because I want to be against the best."  First place, that's b.s.  Second place, if Janie believes that she should want to be against the best herself, and that would be Will.

Say what you want about Willboogie's bad behavior (and I've said plenty), but the fact is they have helped Janie get to where she is.  Sure they "voted out her friends," but everyone had to go sometime, and this way she didn't have to do it herself.  And the truth is they have handed her a couple of competitions.  Quite literally in the case of the doll Boogie gave her in the OTEV thing.  We haven't seen it yet, but I suspect they helped her in the last comp. as well.  If the tables were turned and CT had won this veto I honestly believe they'd be voting out Erika.  Which is arguably a stupid game move, as I think either of them could beat her more easily than they could Janie in the end.  But it's loyalty.  And good TV.  And keeping the best players in the game.

On a human level, I'd also feel bad for Will if he gets evicted tonight.  This is the worst case scenario for him game-wise.  If he leaves now, and B. leaves next they've wasted 3 months of their lives and they're out of the money.  And they look like idiots.  If on top of that Will's real life is in the shambles that it might be, that would just suck BIG TIME.  On the plus side, Julie Chen would have to talk to him.  :-P

So, I've counted Janelle out a couple of times, and she's always pulled off her kind of miracle (i.e. winning a competition).  I'm about ready to count Will out, so I'm kind of hoping he pulls off his kind of miracle (i.e. charming his way to safety).  I'm doing the same hoping and praying and candle lighting I've done for J. (yes, I am one sick puppy and totally need to get a life).  It's not looking good, but if he manages to stay, he will definitely show that he still rules them all, and if we can get him and Janie to the end, we will truly have our All-Stars, baby!

This is one of those times when I kind of hope the show is scripted/semi-scripted.  After the way the "girls" were portrayed on Sunday's show, it makes great TV for them to catch on tonight.  Just like when they were breaking for commercial last Thurs. and the voice-over is asking "who will win the next HOH?" while we're looking a big "Janelle" sign, the closing question on Sunday of something like "will the girls continue to be manipulated by CT?" will be answered with a resounding "no way."  However, the producers have got see that Erika's popularity is tremendously lower than Will's.  A lot of people will simply turn it off if he's gone (even more would turn it off if Janie left, which I suspect is part of why her run in the game has been so charmed).  Like the rest of us, I suspect that producers want to hate Will, but just can't help but love him.  He's making a show here, you know.

I have to admit, I'm always asking for drama, and I'm definitely getting it here.  We seriously may not know what's going to happen until it happens live tonight.  But once more for the record, I'm really hoping Will pulls one last trick out of his whatever.  Then I so want to see Boogie go, b/c he really does offend me.  And though he has played some game himself, he's really still just Will's sidekick.  And not to sound like a broken record, but the only interesting final 2 is a head-to-head of Will vs. Janelle. 

The PuppetMaster vs. The EnergizerCompetitor.

Now that's good TV.  Please BB gods, make it so!

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