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posted Tuesday, 5 September 2006
If I scream loud enough, do you think he can hear me 3,000 miles away?


He's acting so cocky and confident that he's staying, that unless Janie's pulling the best acting job ever on Erika (and why would she do that?)....he's outta there.


I suppose if he's off his game enough that he doesn't realize that he's in trouble, he deserves to go. But I still say he's the only one who could give Janie a run for her money, and therefore should be in the finals against her.

This is so sad and wrong...and pissing me off! Which is going to make Janie feel stupider? If she keeps Will, it's true he's "playing her" but she wins the game (or gets a share of the banana bread split), or if she evicts Will and Erika wins? Hmm???? Don't do it, Janie! Don't do it!

What are the five stages of grief?
1. Denial -- mysti: Oh, I'm sure the show is scripted and the producers won't let J vote W out. Or something. He's not leaving.
2. Anger -- mysti: I'm going to be so pissed if Will leaves! Then it's not the true All-Star at the end. Stupid Erika!
3. Bargining -- mysti: Maybe Will knows what's going on and has some super, secret puppet master plan or deal w/J. and the twist is going to be that he's staying!
4. Depression -- mysti: I'm going to cry if Will leaves (already am a bit!)
5. Acceptance -- mysti: Okay, to the TV audience the only twist is if Will goes. It's just a game. I'll miss him, but at least Janie's still there!

Honestly, I'm not quite to step 5 yet.....and don't plan to go there until Julie speaks those famous last words "Will you have been evicted from the BB house." (Wow, it was actually hard for me to type that! I really do need therapy.....)

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