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"But I thought there was no Chilltown!"

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posted Wednesday, 6 September 2006
And now there's not.

First off I'll say that once I got on the feeds yesterday afternoon, I thought it was clear from Will's expression and behavior that he was at least 90% sure he was leaving. He made a few comments to imply he thought he was staying, but I sort of suspect that was just part of "making a show." He's said that he doesn't like it when it's obvious a person knows they're leaving. He was prepared to stay, and I think would have liked to, but he was also ready to go. Boogie, on the other hand, not so much. Fool that he is, he hasn't figured out that Erika is on to him and despises him. He did pick up on her "checkmate" parting comment to Will, so he knows she was behind the eviction, but he apparently still thinks he and E. are all good.

The editing was incredibly kind to Dr. Will. They left out all of the nasty stuff that E. revealed to get Janie to flip, making it look like it was simply "come on they're playing us both, they told us both we were in CT...let's get our grrl power on and turn the tables on those guys." They also gave Will the lines from the night before, acknowledging that he didn't control J. and saying "Boogie, I'm gone." He came off like a gracious loser, which in fact he was. But they could have easily made him look like a total ass. He walked out, looking fabulous (well, except for the upturned collar; someone really ought to tell him it's not 1984) and handled his exit and interview with dignity and grace. And he got it right: he underestimated Erika, and Janelle may well regret what she did.

Boogie was shocked, and tried to return the shock by jumping off the HOH comp. It almost worked, but ended up being pretty anti-climactic as a misunderstanding of the rules knocked Janelle out moments later. Shortest endurance comp. ever. I'm thinking BB is almost sorry they caught the slip on camera, having spent the time and money to set up the whole thing only to have it not used. It's sort of typical of this season. Every big thing they try seems to fall flat. They're lucky it was All-Stars and we had some great characters to watch.

I couldn't even be bothered to watch the feeds last night. Erika's less annoying to me than she was, but I'm still not that entertained by her. Boogie's scared, depressed and deluded. Janelle's still playing the game, as she should be, but w/o someone interesting to play against, there's no drama.

I realized this morning why I liked Will so much and why I was so sad to see him go. I really was sad--it struck me that as much as I like Janelle, when she was in jeopardy I'd think "oh, no" but when I realized Will was leaving I felt like I was losing a friend. And that's what I realized: Will reminds me so much of one of my best friends. My friend is also a good-looking, intelligent, charismatic guy, who can be (in his own words) "a totally self-absorbed, arrogant dick." But underneath that he's a sweet, caring, slightly insecure, tremendously loveable boy. Sometimes you want to hate him, but you just shake your head and know you love him. And that's how I saw Will.

In another interesting possible parallel, my friend is the kind of guy who will stay in bad relationships and/or sabatoge himself (often by cheating) because deep down he doesn't believe he deserves to be happy. In fact he walked away from a really sweet and wonderful woman, who he admitted was "the most amazing person [he'd] ever met." He said that if he knew what was good for him, he'd never let her go, but he honestly believed that she was too good for him. I'm probably just projecting, but it kind of makes me wonder.....

Anyway, I'll have my thoughts on the final 3 later, but this post is for Will. We'll miss you, good luck, and thanks for a great show.

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