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posted Friday, 25 August 2006
...that was my first thought when Erika won HOH last night.  But once I calmed down a bit, I realized that it is probably okay.  Possibly even good.  And I actually think Will is at greater risk than Janie of leaving this week.  Of course, anything could happen, but I think that even if J. doesn't win POV, she's staying, as long as CT sticks to their alliance.  (I guess that last part's an obvious statement and a big IF, but whatever.)  The only bad scenario is if Will and Janie both end up on the block.  Obviously, one of them leaves.  Not sure who, but I'll worry about that if it happens.

Right up until the end, last night was fun.  Howie and Marci, sorry, Marjealous, I mean Marcellas, were pretty funny.  As an aside, I have to say that as much as M.'s drama queen act annoys me, I have to agree with him about the nickname thing.   I have the same problem myself; there are certain people who can call me by a nickname and it's fine.  But with most people it just irritates me.  Still, the exchange was funny.  As was the whole setup of "Howie showing up would be my worst nightmare."  At least we can still get some entertainment value out of those two.

James left with the right attitude.  He was trying to stay right up until the end, and we had live feeds as late as about T-8  minutes or something, which was fun.  But in the end he walked out calmly, and carrying a voodoo doll, which was another one of those things that made me like him.  And you couldn't help but laugh at his whole "I was harmed!" DR session (not that it was on last night, but it's still making me laugh).  Finally, when Julie was reading off some of the things he said about Janelle, he looked genuinely horrified at the more offensive ones.  I almost expected him to say something along the lines of "did I really say that?  I'm so sorry."  He said it himself:  it's a game, but it's easy to get wrapped up in and say things you shouldn't in the heat of the moment.  And now I hear that after seeing the tapes of the veto comp. he's admitted that he was wrong.  I've said it before...I think we see glimpses of a genuine, decent guy there, and I think that's the real James.

And calling the HOH competition "but first" was a riot.  Somebody's got a sense of humour.  Julie carried it off well, making me wonder if she even realized she was poking fun at herself.  She still won't talk to Will, which is kind of weird.  Maybe if Danielle ever finishes with the "get over yourself" ladder, they could send it out to Julie Chen.  As for the comp. itself, for a second I thought J. really got confused, but then I remembered who she is and it's obvious she threw it.  Which was the right thing to do.  I think Will might have been actually trying, but I wouldn't swear to it.  Doesn't matter.  At least now Erika gets an HOH week, so she doesn't have to cry about how she was "robbed."  Plus we get to find out if she's flexible enough to bend around and kiss her own ass.

In the category of amusing random observations, did anyone else notice how pissy the BB voice guy was yesterday?  Maybe they're always like that on Thurs. with the pressure of the live show, it's just that we usually don't get to hear as much.  But I don't know.  And when we get "HGs.  You are not allowed to discuss your votes with other HGs,"  it's like WTF?  Apparently that is a rule, but they're going to start enforcing it now?  Dude, you can't even get them to stop singing....  And then later, the camera guy zooming in on the HO in HOH when Erika and Boogie were in the bed?  Now, I know I've said a lot of not nice things about E.  but that was just rude.  (Okay, it was also pretty funny.)

So, given the twist of "two evictions, a weeks worth of competitions in one night"  here's my dream scenario:
E noms CG and J, W wins POV and E has to put up D.  D leaves.
Will wins HOH (since it will be the shortest HOH ever, I think that would be hysterical).  He nom's E and CG; POV either isn't used or is used on G and E leaves.
J. wins HOH, noms CG and B. and CG leaves.
J. wins final HOH, sends Boogie packing, and we have a show!

There are a number of other scenarios that work for me, the important this is just the final two.  I'm going to keep saying it....if F2 is anyone other than Will and Janelle we don't have our real All-Star.  Also, as soon as one of them leaves, and especially if both leave, the whole thing becomes a lot less interesting.

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