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I just want to hold your hand

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posted Monday, 28 August 2006
I know I said I was going to let this drop, but no one else seems to be able to, so I'm back....we've seen a lot more flirty stuff between W & J over the last few days, heightening the debate over is it a showmance, or is it for real?  Hand-holding, staring into each other's eyes, etc. is a lot different than some drunken shower scene.  But....we also get a comment from Will yesterday that if his gf breaks up with him over this show he will be devastated, and it will make his going on the show the worst decision he has ever made.  Just like James, I think there are moments when we get a glimpse of the genuine person, and this was one.  I really do think that it's a combination of strategy, boredom, and a desire to make an interesting show.  He probably likes her more than he meant to (who wouldn't), and she's probably falling for his charm more than she wants (again, who wouldn't?), but it is, as they always say, just a game.  They do make one damn fine lookin couple though.  And they are fun to watch.

Since you didn't ask, I will say that if these people were friends of mine and they ended up breaking up over this, I would advise them not to regret anything.  Because if a relationship can't survive something like this, then it wasn't really strong in the first place.  Because either it is just part of the game and there is not enough trust in the relationship to believe that, or there are real feelings behind the flirting and there isn't enough love in the relationship to overcome that.

Anyway, as for last night's show....I thought I was going to fall off my chair laughing at the food comp.  The costumes were a riot and the smooshing was just...disturbing.  The image of CG on top of Will and Boogie was really not something I needed in my head...but it was pretty funny.  At one point the camera zoomed in on W's face and he looked like he was in serious pain.  Or maybe he was just realizing what this was going to look like and that his chances of ever again being taken seriously as a doctor were pretty much shot.  I was glad they showed a bit of Will's courtship of the camera, b/c that was pretty damn funny too.  I wonder if he has any idea how ridiculous he looks from that angle with the distorted head.  And, btw, wow does he have nice teeth.  Caps?  I hope so, b/c no one's teeth should be that perfect naturally.

Note to Danielle:  If you want ppl to maybe keep you in the game, acting like a raving loon, and ringing the HOH doorbell like a stalker, probably not the best strategy.  And frankly, not very entertaining.  Buh-bye!

On the other hand, good strat. from Will, hiding out in HOH with E. and spending the night.  Didn't give her a moment to be guilted/intimidated into not putting D. up.  More hand-holding, too (just bringing this around full circle and justifying my title.  :-P ).  And the interesting thing about B. getting all upset that she called him "baby" is that he might be a lot more willing to let her go next week and we can stop this silly debate about who is better to keep Erika or Janelle.  The only thing I'm wondering now is WTF is Will up to?  He told J. that B. was thinking of giving D. a sympathy vote, and now he's telling B. the reverse.  I'm not entirely clear on whether the first one was true and and he's using the second to make a point and/or talk him out of it, or if he's just trying to make sure that these 2 don't trust each other too much.  You know, it just occurred to me that it's really ironic that Will calls Danielle a control freak when he's the one who's really running the show.  I guess the difference is that he comes across as owning them all without even trying, much less caring, whereas D. freaks out the minute she loses some power.

Will's going around telling everyone a slightly different story about sympathy votes and F3 and so forth.  It's amazing these people don't figure out that he lies to them all.  Anyway, again, I can't figure out what his plan is, but I'm sure it's brilliant.  It just occurred to me that he might be trying to set something up to get someone to get rid of Boogie for him....that's the one thing he can't do is be the one to vote B. out.  But I think he does want to take J. to the final 2, for the sake of good TV.  (Or at least , I hope!)

Okay, I'm off...all this drama is stressing me out!

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