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alright, Mr. Producer

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posted Monday, 28 August 2006
I so don't want to hear Dr. Will going on one more time about how he's there to "make great television."  The feeds tonight are seriously a cure for insomnia.  They are all lying on the trampoline talking about such exciting topics as what cell phones they own and where they like to eat.  And then, totally out of the blue, CG pipes up with "I was cleaning all the windows with PineSol today before I realized it was the wrong glass cleaner."

Kill me now.

I will point out that psychologists have said that if you stare at a person for more than 7 seconds it means you either want to kill them or have sex with them.  Will definitely exceeded that looking at Janie, but she won't look at him that long.  Hmmmmmm............

The funny thing is, I know as soon as I decide that this is as boring as all crap and go to bed, something interesting will start up and in the morning I'll be like "damn, I watched them lie around like slugs for an hour and then missed the huge whatever."  Not that I'm sorry I missed Dani's meltdown last night. I'm pretty sure reading about it was more entertaining than listening to it.

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