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HOH Rooms

 HOH, Sweet Home


Home for one for a week, anyway.  BB made it that much more fun for us this year by giving us new and personalized decor for each winner.


 Week 1, Janelle and Jase.  We got a nice relaxing powder blue for the shared HOH.  Also before they knew it would be changing every week.
Week 2, Kaysar.  I barely remember seeing this room, which is probably why I only have this one screen shot. HOH2
HOH3 Week 3, James.  What can I say...James definitely wins the prize for the cleanest, neatest HOH room.  It was this straight the whole week.
Week 4, Janelle.  THE PINK PALACE!  Love it!  There should be a whole page devoted to this room, but here's a token.  It was my favorite of the season.  So totally Janelle, so outrageous, so perfect.  Sure, it was blinding and looked like someone barfed a bottle of Pepto all over the place, but for a week it made the perfect Barbie DreamHouse for our JanieDoll. HOH4
HOH5 Week 5, Danielle.  Not a bad room, though we barely got to see it furnished before they brought in the cots.
Week 6, back to Janie.  It's no pink palace, but whatcha gonna do?  And the lead-up was dramatic enough with the redo HOH.  Who knows, maybe the decor wasn't planned for Janelle, or maybe a more understated look seemed the polite thing to do after the contraversy.  Or maybe I'm thinking about this too much. HOH6
HOH7 Week 7, Chicken George.  No one expected him to win an HOH, but boy, did he deserve the break.  We were happy to see him get letters from home.  And food!  Too bad it was so short, and that Erika talked his ear off for hours close to the end when he kept saying he just wanted to take a bath.  Fun room, though.  It suited him.
Week 8, Mike Boogie.  Apparently BB thought he was the "class clown" but they're the ones that goofed, giving him the wrong pictures.  But the food in his HOH basket led to one of my favorite BB7 lines:  "Will!  Did you and your dollfriend eat my chocolate chip cookies?  They were in my drawer next to the Hamburger Helper." HOH8

Week 9, Erika.  I actually really like this room.  Couldn't stand her, but the room was nice.  And we get a bonus pic, with commentary from the cameraman (too funny!).







Week 10, Janelle, no room.  The shortest HOH reign ever.  But no one can say she didn't get her share.






HOH11 Week 11, Boogie's back...not nearly as entertaining as his first room, and it seems to be a repeat of week 1.  Apparently blue is BB's fallback decor.

Week 12, no room for final HOH Mike Boogie, so we'll leave you with a shot of the HOH bathroom.