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Good times

logoGood times, good times

They sleep, they eat, they sit around and make us want to tap on the glass and yell "hey! Look alive in there!" They scheme and the plot, they primp for the live show, they whine about the competitions. But sometimes they play. And these are the times we really hang around for.



band are you ready? band shower

p>Yeah you are! The rock video was a total highlight of the summer. Everyone had fun, played their role and entertained. And who's gonna turn down any opportunity to see Janie or Will being hosed down?

Jenga Burns!

jenga burns jenga burns

Will threatened to go pyromaniac on Jenga all summer, and finally did it. Who knew it would be so pretty? Definitely a better use for the thing than waiting for the hamsters to play with it.

The PuppetMaster's PuppetShow

duckie puppets fenelle whispers to dr. will fenelle and mcdreamy

Everyone knows the bathtub duckie puppet show was one of the highlights of the summer. But if this wasn't scripted (or at least "suggested") then Will seriously does deserve a producer credit. The Puppetmaster is giving us a puppet show? That's spontaneous. And it's the beginning of the flirtmance--that's Fenelle and Dr. McDreamy sharing "an innocent little kiss." And, hey look, it's the start of WhisperGate! "What's that Fenelle?" Dr. Will asks, with a smirk on his face.

Scripted/planned/whatever or not, who cares? It was fabulous.

 cards 2
cards 3 cards 4

They stayed up late one night playing cards, or assassin or some murder mystery type game. No one could quite figure out the rules, and they were all horrible actors, but it was cute, and Marcellas never seemed happier. It was fun for them, and SuperFun for us.