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I took literally thousands of screen caps from the BB7 livefeeds, and there are so many moments and pictures to love.  These are a few of the ones that still make me smile.

The Winner 

what up kaysar?!

What up, Kaysar?!  This is by far my favorite screen cap of the season, and one of my favorite moments of the summer.  It was huge for Janie fans everywhere (not so much for Erika, or Erika fans...too bad, so sad...).  It's another win for the EnergizerCompetitor, and a reminder of why we love Howie so much.


 pretty girlJust so pretty....
  will showerI don't exactly know why I love this one so much.  I think it's the smile.  This was early on, Nakomis was in the other shower, and Will said something like "the only thing weirder than showering next to a girl is the fact that there are 2 dudes sitting on a couch watching."  I think was also the first of many times that he told the story of Boogie recommending a body wash to Diane (saying he'd been using it for a week) and she responded "I know, it's mine!"


  Hamster Bonding 


As Julie said, um, Mike, ever hear of women and children first?  I guess he could argue that he is a child.

All of their reactions to the "ghosts" seemed staged, but this one was the most amusing. 




I just simply love this image.

Here's George, expressing his sincere gratitude to Marcellas for giving up the 1 week slop pass (which M. didn't want to do in the first place).  And there's Will, inhaling his own pizza after only 1 week on slop, and waving it under George's nose.  The contrast is beautiful and the expressions are priceless. 




Sweet faces and best buds.

pretty girl2   pretty boy

  janie and howie    running

I particularly like the shot of Willboogie running through the house.  They are on there way to the infamous shower, and I find it extremely amusing that Will has to drag Boogie along.  I'm not sure what's funnier: that Will needs a chaperone or that Boogie wasn't all over the idea of showering with the girls. 

This was just after George had suddenly remembered that he had left "James" in the oven.  James (the real one) had beaten him to it and, uh, altered the slop-cookie man.  James changed the J. on the cookie to a G.  I'm not sure if he decapitated it or if the head just broke off.  'Cause decapitation would be a little scary.  And speaking of scary...


...I actually find this cap extremely disturbing.  Will's camera-mance was a riot, and one of the definite highlights of the feeds. I can't look at the pics without laughing,'s also just a little bit creepy.


ding-dong    Ding-dong.  'nuf said.


erika and teddy

Erika and Teddy.  She perches, he waves (and yes, I think the pink bear is a boy).  The bear was a more interesting HG than Erika (sorry). 


thumbs up
One thing I never got a shot of was one of the Chilltown dances in the storage room.  They may not have even made the feeds, but if the did it seems they were all while I was at work.  In any case, this is the closest I got.  It also has the bonus smile-inducer of Will's "thumbs up."  He said something about the DR people making fun of his injury ("Hey, it's the Fonz!") and he did look like a big dork walking around with his thumb in the air for days.  But hey, he almost won a veto, and one should wear war wounds with pride.