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posted Thursday, 2 September 2010

To the surprise of no one other than the poor, deluded TVOVs, Ragan was kicked with a 2-0 vote.  The goodbye messages were basically campaign pleas for jury votes.  I have to give credit to Enzo--at least he was honest about what he was doing.


The announcer once again irritated me by referring to Matt's eviction as "the Brigade lost its first member."  They didn't lose him--they threw him out!  We got more footage from the jury house than the BB house, because that's where the real drama is now.  There actually wasn't any of the usual shock as various people walked in.  But once again, Matt saved us by stirring things up with his confession that his wife is fine.  I've never seen a group of people get so upset about finding out someone is not suffering from a debilitating illness.

Okay, seriously, I do get why they're upset.  It is a pretty low lie, and as I've been saying all along, the only people he's actually hurting are his fellow HGs, so they're entitled to some bitterness.  In addition to that, I think one of the big reasons people get angry about a lie is because they feel foolish for believing it.  But I think it was wise to confess now rather than deal with the drama at the finale.

And Julie clearly tried to get Ragan to mention the "illness" in his exit interview by asking why he thought Matt was such a great person.  Ragan didn't bite, though it wouldn't shock me if she gets him in the Early Show interview.  Regardless, I say Ragan will be one of the first to forgive Matt.  In part because they do have a genuine friendship, but also because Ragan has his own StaboTool lie to own up to.  And, in the end, aren't they kind of similar things?  Lying to the HGs about something that's helping you get money and maybe costing them.  And Ragan actually got the cash.

The show ended on an in-progress HOH comp that had them trying to maneuver ornaments through chicken wire to decorate a Christmas tree.  From the beginning Hayden was rolling right through, and Britney couldn't seem to hold on to an ornament to save her life.  Brit was dropping and breaking them left and right.  So, it was no surprise when the feeds come back and Hayden has the key.


And note to anyone complaining that the comp was blocked from the feeds: for once Julie didn't say we could "watch it all play out."  Also, the similar type of comp last year with the dropping cans was also almost all blocked.

So, Hayden will almost for sure nominate Lane and Britney.  But, it's all about the POV. I'm still thinking morph-o-matic, probably Friday night.  This is also the time when they usually have a clothing luxury comp.  But BB's really been mixing things up this year, so who knows.  And, of course, Enzo actually needs clothes...and with the way they've been doing things that will be all the more reason not to have the comp.  There's also a chance they'll have one more Pandora's Box.  The HGs are speculating that if there is a PB it will be bad for Hayden and good for the house.  So, maybe no POV for Hayden (which was the neg. effect of F4 PB last year) and clothes for the rest of them.

lane britney

Whenever the POV is, as soon as it's over we'll have a good idea of how things are going to go.  If Hayden or Enzo win, Britney is gone.  If Brit wins, Enzo is gone.  If Lane wins there will be actually be some thing to speculate about. 

But for now, here they are....your Final 4.


Lines of the Day

Enzo: This season's almost over. 
Britney (to Lane about the "snow" in his hair): It looks like you have the worst case of dandruff ever. 
Enzo: What did Ragan say? 'I've been a pill.' What does that mean? Always with the big fucking words.
Britney: Yeah, what's a pill.  I mean, I know what a pill is...
Enzo: Yeah, but maybe there's another connotation.
(me: Uh, Enzo?  'Connotation' is a much bigger word than 'pill.') 
Britney: I would have definitely ended up dropping my balls. 

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