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trashing the place

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posted Friday, 3 September 2010

BB recycled another comp today, reusing the first POV from BB8 of each HG hides something around the house and whichever is found last wins.  That POV took something like 6 hours to finish, and today's wasn't much better.  Today's comp was hide a "coin" for a prize of $10K.  Apparently there was a piggybank in the BY to deposit the found coins.

kit LR

They started tearing up the whole house, making a fine mess of things.   Enzo had found Hayden's coin early on, so Hayden napped in the backyard while the other 3 kept searching.  Enzo's coin turned up next in one of the wall hangings in the dining room.  Britney had found it, and when she ran out to deposit it, Lane peeked into the recycle bin giving us a strong clue that his was hidden there.

enzo recycling

Sure enough Britney eventually unearthed Lane's coin and walked away with the $10K.  The funniest thing to me was that throughout the searching, Britney kept occasionally going outside to where the garbage had been dumped and searched though it.  At one point I was thinking that if her coin was in there it was a good strategy--no one was going to really want to search the garbage and if they figured someone else had been through it, they might not look too hard.


And, sure enough, that's exactly what was going on.  Except that she really did think there was another coin in there and that's why she kept checking.  It also turned out that one of the guys had dumped out the trash in the first place and already searched it, just not enough.  If Britney had dumped it, I was considering calling a foul on wouldn't seem fair to be allowed to move your coin in any way once the search had started.

winner jumanji

It took hours for the whole search, even with BB giving them clues.  And the whole thing left the house a complete mess.  It seems BB made them clean up the kitchen and living room before noms, but the bedrooms are still a disaster area. 


They did finally have noms and Lane and Brit went up.  Lane actually told Hayden to nom the two of them.  This is the best case scenario for Lane.  As I said yesterday, if Hayden or Enzo wins the veto and keeps the noms the same, Enzo will vote out Britney and Lane didn't have to backstab anyone.  If Brit wins POV, she'll vote out Enzo, and again Lane ends up with clean hands.  The only way he has a problem is if he wins the veto, so I suspect he'll throw it. 

lane brit

They're not on lockdown, and BB usually tells them if there's a nighttime comp coming, so POV is probably not until tomorrow.  Or possibly even later.  There's some speculation out there that the POV comp. will be played during the Wednesday show, along with having the ceremony and eviction.  There's also a rumour out there that the Wednesday show will actually be taped Tuesday.  If that's the case, then we're probably in for blocked feeds from tape time on Tuesday until post show on Wednesday, maybe even Thursday.  According to Julie Chen's blog , the Thursday show will still be live, just w/o an eviction.


What they did last year was to play the F4 POV at the normal time, have a live show Tuesday with the POV ceremony and eviction, then go in the endurance comp.  Then Thursday was another live show with HOH Part II being played live.  Sunday was the retrospective show, and the following Tuesday was the Final HOH, last eviction, jury, winner, etc.

If they do something similar this year, I'll be fine with it.  But this season has gone way too much like BB9 for me to expect anything other than what we got with F4 then: feeds go off before a live-to-tape show with the F4 POV ceremony and come back hours later after the final end. comp. is over.  Which was just beyond stupid.  We still found out before the show aired who was evicted and who won the comp, but we missed the comp itself, which is one of the best parts of the feeds. Good job BB, way to piss off your most hardcore fans.

Even with as uninterested as I am with the final 4, and will be even more uninterested if the Bro-gade makes the final 3, I still would be totally ticked off at a re-run of that treatment of the livefeeders.

Anyway...we'll know when we know.

In other news, they got the little table today. 



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