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and so it ends

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posted Saturday, 4 September 2010

They spent most of the day napping, waiting on a POV comp.  Then BB gave them some arts and crafts stuff and they started doing pre-school projects.

brit hayden toys

Eventually they did go off to play the POV, and when they come back it's Hayden with the win.  It sounds like it was the type of comp where they get clues about HGs (like 'this person was evicted on a 7-2 vote') and they have to put together a puzzle in the right order to win.


They're all pretty low-key.  Everyone knows what's going to happen with the rest of the week, so there's no point in getting worked up.  I will say I'm glad that Hayden and Enzo didn't drop the existence of the Bro-gade on Britney as they were threatening to do.  That's just mean at this point.


Enzo did say at one point that he'd save it for "Monday" meaning the POV meeting.  Since that's actually going to be Tuesday and at the same time as the eviction, it wouldn't be too heinously evil to tell her then.  Though it might be better strategy to keep the alliance on the QT with the jury until the final voting. (Update: now they're talking about telling her tonight, but trying to be sort of nice about it.)


In any case, we know our Final 3 for sure now.  So the only remaining questions are how will the producers play the end of the game with the livefeeders, who will win the Final HOH and how will the jury vote?

It has been confirmed that the Wednesday show, which will be the POV comp, ceremony, eviction and start of the Final HOH will be taped on Tuesday.  So, the question is: will a.) the prods play it like they did on BB9 and block the feeds until the comp is over, or b.) will they come back after the taping and show us the comp?  Or, even worse, c.) block the feeds until after the Wed. show has aired?  I'm hoping for "b," expecting "a," but won't be shocked if it's "c."


Whatever happens, I'm watching to the end as always.  And I'm really going to try to keep the blogs coming and not get all bitter and give up like I did with BB9.  I'll be back in a bit if there's anything to report on the Bro-gade outing.


Lines of the Day

Enzo: What kind of actress are you? A Methodist?
Britney: You rode sheep?
Hayden: Yeah.
Hayden: Even if it's a bull, you're going to name it Julie Chen?
Lane: I don't know what my mom will do, she's crazy, she might name it Julie Chen.
Enzo: I want my dogs to die, so I can get a new dog.
Hayden (alone in HOH): I just guaranteed that no one will take me to final 2, if I go I'm going to have to take myself.  But on the bright side--Brigade, final 3, guaranteed.  
Lane: Are sunflower seeds kosher? They have an R in a that Rabbi-approved? 
Enzo: Me and my wife don't have sex.  I love her, I'm not gonna do that shit.
Britney: How'd she get pregnant?
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