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we're looking for a few good men...

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posted Sunday, 5 September 2010

...but we're not finding them.

I will give them some credit--the Brigade had a good strategy and for the most part executed it quite impressively.  But they also pulled off a few low-down, dirty moves that make it impossible for me to have total respect for them--as game players, and even more so as men.  First, they turned on one of their own.  A real brigade would never do that.  But still, this isn't a military battle, it's Big Brother, and ditching Matt might well have been the best move for their game.

But last night, following Hayden's POV win, the Brigade had secured their places in the Final 3, and decided they should tell Britney about the alliance.  So Enzo/Lane sit down with her in HOH (Hayden was in the DR) and start chatting about what alliances existed in the game.  Lane says he just wants to know what alliances "this guy" (Enzo) had.  Brit says she thinks he had something with Matt, and Enzo confirms that he "definitely was in an alliance with Matty" but that it wasn't just the two of the them.  She asks who else, and he tells her Lane and Hayden.

evil enzo lane

Then Enzo goes on to tell her the details: that it was called the Brigade, formed Day 2, lays out the nicknames and all their code words.  Britney's first reaction is "well, the Brigade turned around and yoked Matty up."  For a while it's going okay, Brit's just saying how everyone suspected there was something amongst the guys and even Matt told her there was a deal.  Lane asks if Matt said "Brigade" and Britney says he didn't, he just said the guys "had something."


But Enzo's clearly disappointed that Britney's not flipping out so he keeps needling at her.  He starts pointing out how they manipulated her into nom'ing Matt and keeps going on and on about the Brigade being the "best alliance in Big Brother history."  Britney kind of bursts their bubble a little bit by telling them that Matt never turned on them, and really did just try to get her to go after Ragan.  They start throwing out the "side alliance" plan which allowed them to coast through the game without ever becoming targets together.  If someone was going to go after a bro-gader they'd go after him and his side-ally, not him and another bro-gader.  It's mostly all coming from Enzo, trying to lay out all the brilliant Brigade moves, and flip flopping back and forth as to why they backstabbed Matt.  It alternates between he was turning on them and teaming up with Ragan, and he clearly can't be trusted because he was turning on Ragan, his supposed "best friend."


Hayden comes back from the DR and is a little ticked that they went ahead with the outing without him.  And since he wasn't there for the whole convo he isn't sure exactly what they've told her.  Enzo goes into the bathroom and Britney says "so I'm definitely going this week, is that what you're telling me?"  Hayden says "well I won't say definitely, but I'm not using the POV."  That's when it really hits her, and the room falls into an awkward silence.  But at the same time Enzo keeps yelling "best alliance in BB history!" from the bathroom.

no pov for you

Enzo comes out to the awkward silence and asks what happened.  By this point Britney is crying.  Hayden tries to give her a hug, but she just wants to leave the room.  Enzo asks her what's wrong and she says it just sucks realizing that she gave up 3 months of her life and now she's walking away with nothing.  They remind her that she won the $10K, and she says that's true, but it still sucks and she just wants to be alone for a bit.

poor brit

As soon as the door closes, the Dick Brigade bursts out laughing.  All three of them laughed, though from Lane and Hayden it seemed more like uncomfortable "that was awkward" laughter.  But from Enzo it was pure glee.  And that's when I lost any ounce of respect I had left for him.


And then to push himself even lower in my estimation Enzo proceeds to launch into an ongoing loop of the Brigade being the best alliance ever and how the three of them are now going to get 1st, 2nd and "3rd" place, with 3rd being the jury prize.  He's convinced the bro-gade is so completely loved that whichever of them goes to jury will get the prize.  Personally, I think they just handed it to Britney.  She was already a strong contender, but when the TV viewers see her crying as the Brigade crushes her hopes and dreams she will get a huge sympathy boost.  Enzo even goes so far as to say that if he goes to jury and doesn't win the prize, he'll "punch somebody."  Yeah, that's going to make you popular with the viewers, sure.  He does allow that Matt might get the jury prize, but that's okay because "he's brigade."  Fairweather alliance.

sock buddy he's brigade

Next the boys go into a whole spiel about how she shouldn't be upset because, after all, she made it to final 4 and she's leaving with $10K.  Uh, yeah, I'm sure you'd all be that zen about it if you were going this week.  And then just to prove themselves total assholes they start to go on about how unattractive they think she is.  Uh, why would you say that?  First of all, even if she's not your type (which is what Hayden/Lane started with), she's still a cute girl.  But more, why would feel the need to even make it a topic of conversation? Talk about kicking a girl while she's down.  Geez. 


Enzo also goes on to spew a whole bunch of incorrect BB history.  He thinks he's the first person to survive the costume curse.  I can't really fault him for that since Julie told him that.  But on his "best alliance ever" rant he trashes the BB5 4 Horsemen saying they didn't make it to the end.  Which is true as a foursome, but then the Brigade didn't make it as a foursome either.  And 2 of the 4 horsemen did make F2 together.  He also believes the Brigade is the first secret alliance to make it this far.  Also wrong.  The BB10 Renegades made it all the way to Final 2 as a secret and they did it without being total dicks to the people they evicted along the way.


By this morning Brit had come to terms with her fate and told the boys that she just wants to enjoy her last few days.  At this point the three of them are mostly working her for her jury vote.  And she's actually having a bit of fun stirring up some paranoia amongst them.  She eventually said that she's the most angry with Hayden, which kind of surprised me-I would have guessed Lane.  The thing she's ticked with Hayden about is that he had promised F3 with her, him and Lane when he never had any intention of doing it.  She feels like the F3 promise was totally unnecessary and it only accomplished making her feel like she still had a prayer when Hayden won the POV.  On top of that she feels like he came across as this super-nice, trustworthy guy while Lane and Enzo always had a bit of a dark side to them, so she's the most blindsided by Hayden. 

brit hay

Enzo throws Hayden under that fabled bus a bit by pointing out that all he ever promised Britney was final 4 and he kept that promise.  He's of course not mentioning that he would have ditched her weeks ago if he could have.  Lane's mostly been pretty quiet, but then he's in the safest position.  He's not directly doing anything to kick-Brit.  And he only ever promised her that he wouldn't nom her (which he didn't) and he would take her to F2 if it was his choice (which it never came to, and he might have stuck to if it did).


So we'll see how the next few days go.  I'd love to see some miracle occur and have Enzo go, but that will never happen.  So all I am hoping for now is a Lane/Hayden final 2, with Enzo going to the jury and having to watch someone else win the $25K jury prize.  And I think that's exactly what will happen.  I've been saying for a few weeks that Hayden's on a roll to win the whole thing, and Lane's been looking like 2nd place pretty much since Day 1. 

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