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i know what you did this summer

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posted Monday, 6 September 2010

I have basically nothing for you today.  Hayden did the HOH blog, they all recorded goodbyes, and they took pictures, including some cute ones with Britney holding the "I know your secret" StaboTool sign and pointing at the Bro-gade.  They've been on lockdown all day, and can hear all the building going on outside. They've caught on that something's up, but it hasn't quite occurred to them yet that the eviction is tomorrow.  Maybe they'll get clued in when BB tells everyone to pack.  

Anyway, it's still pretty much a sure thing that Brit will be kicked tomorrow.  If we're lucky we'll get some of the HOH comp on the feeds, but when was the last time we were lucky?  So with no news, here are some random caps of the day. 

 photographer brit

  lane enzo hayden

princess britney 3bros



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