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bye bye Britney

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posted Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The feeds may be blocked, but we still know some things.  Britney was evicted, and the Bro-gade went into the final endurance comp.  Word is that the comp involved swinging on vines, crashing into things, and something about a waterfall.  Sounds cool.  Too bad we're not getting to watch.


I'm trying not to be bitter, and to look at this as BB Detox.  Eight days from now BB12 will be a thing of the past and we'll all have to get back to our real lives.  And the feeds will be back tomorrow, just in time for....well, they'll be back.  Really, I'm trying not to be bitter.  And for those who still need a feed fix, there's always Flashback, and SuperPass is re-running the early BBAD episodes.

That's all for now, of course.  More tomorrow...


Lines of the Day

Fish #1: Blub-blub-blub.
Fish #2: Gurgle.


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