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lies big brother told me

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posted Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It's always kind of a joke when Julie says "subscribe to the Live Feeds to see what's happening inside the house whenever you want."  But when it's said in the middle of a 36-hour blackout, it's just insulting.  

And then there's BBAD "exclusively on Showtime Too."  That's generally not quite true since almost everything on BBAD is also on the feeds, but I suppose the specific broadcast was exclusive to ST2...well, until they started using the early BBAD eps as filler during the blackout.  But the footage that aired on last night's BBAD was actually filmed during the blackout, from 9am-noon on Tuesday, and passed off as 9pm-midnight.  I guess the BBAD viewers were supposed to believe that Britney was still in the house.


Now, on to the show.  The show that was the reason for the 36-hours of fish and BBAD re-runs.  So what shocking revelations did we get?  Hayden won the POV.  Uh, we knew that.  The Bro-gade outed itself to Britney!  Uh, knew that.  Lane really wanted to take Brit to the end!  Yup, knew that.  Hayden didn't use the POV! Again, knew that.  Enzo voted to evict Britney! Shocker!  Oh, right, no it's not....we knew that.  The final HOH comp involved swinging on vines and going through a waterfall! >sigh<

So what did they accomplish by blocking the feeds?  Well, we didn't get to see the final endurance comp play out.  We won't find out who won it until the feeds come back (which is still almost a day before the TVOVs will find out who won).  Think anyone watched the show tonight just because the feeds have been blocked?  Anyone who wouldn't have watched if they'd been on?  Highly unlikely.  Think there are livefeeders who are so pissed off about the blockage that they *didn't* watch the show?  Could be....

Anyway, moving on.  Actual comments on the show.... The "blood on the moon" right before the Bro-gade reveal was a nice touch, if a bit over-dramatic.  The actual reveal coverage was okay, but tsk-tsk for not showing Enzo's absolute joy and making Britney cry and only including his insincere words of "comfort."  Of the speeches (and note, everyone got to say something) the only one worth anything to us was Britney's.  Good for her for walking out with a smile and a positive attitude.  The boys speeches were all for her, jockeying for her jury vote. 

The voting is open for the Fav. HG prize (I've been incorrectly assuming it was a "jury prize" forgetting that last year all except the final 2 were eligible).  It seems like this year the F2 may be eligible, though I really don't think they should be.  It seems wrong for someone to potentially walk away with $525,000 or even $75,000.  The F2 don't get the stipend, and the $25K has always been seen as basically 3rd place.  But, all that being said, I feel strongly that everyone should vote for whomever they personally liked the best, and if that happens to be one of the winners for the majority of the viewers, well fine.  As long as it's really America's Choice and not a Producer Pick (*ahem* BB9 James), that's just fine.

I hate that I have no screencaps for I'll probably be back with something after the feeds come back.  Which should be any minute now.  Unless this is another lie Big Brother told me:

fishies wouldn't lie 

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