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study hall

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posted Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The feeds came back right on "schedule" at 9BBT, just in time for ShowtimeTime.  After an excruciating amount of time watching a Brigade Team Effort Enzo Shave and a Haircut, we finally got enough clues to piece together that Hayden won the endurance comp. last night.

My first clue was actually that he seemed like the only one at all interested in talking about the schedule.  He said something about part II being tomorrow, and also commented that his hands were sore from Part I.  Then Enzo said he was going to bed early, making me strongly suspect that he needed to rest up for the comp.

Lane was out by the memory wall studying, indicating that he's getting ready to compete.  Hayden came out and started helping Lane, giving us another strong clue.  Finally, we get pretty clear confirmation when Lane says "I hope it is tomorrow.  I have it all in my head now, and I haven't seen him (Enzo) study."

shave watchin'

haircut shave

memory dead

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