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sham, pain and DR

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posted Thursday, 9 September 2010

I have to give BB credit for one thing this season--they're not being at all predictable in the order/types of comps.  We finally get a morph comp as the Final HOH Part II, which is traditionally a comp about running through the season's events week by week.  And on the subject of breaking with tradition, doesn't the Final endurance comp usually involve holding on to a key in some way?  This year it was basically a re-run of the BB10 comp that led up to Dan's nomination roulette.  Part III is usually "guess what the jurors said."  But given how things have been going it could be something completely different this year.  

Anyway, back to the show. We start out with another lie BB told me, the Brigade orchestrated every eviction of the season.  Uh, I'll grant you they were behind a lot of them, but not all. And even some of what "the Brigade" gets credit for was really Matt.  Without his 2 HOHs and his week 2 pawn-me play, they wouldn't have made it through the first half of the season.  And, sure Matt was the Brains of the Brigade back then, but then they turned around and shanked him.  It's not quite right for the RGB to get credit both for Matt's work and for kicking him.

enzo hayden lane

I did get a nice chuckle out the announcer talking about the BEAST, the ANIMAL, and the meow-meow.  Not only was his intonation hysterical, but the image it conjured of a tiny kitten next to a couple of huge, ferocious creatures was just too funny.


So then it's the 3 Bro-gade boys getting their balls bruised as they bash into those BB jungle walls.  The meow-meow doesn't even make it 20 minutes, and the BEAST and the ANIMAL battle it out for a couple of hours.  BB's not always (ever) the most accurate time keeper, but they were out there at least long enough for the sun to go down.


Part II was a race to ID the Frankenstein-ish morph-o-matic-ish pics.  I thought Enzo had a shot, given how much he studied the memory wall when they thought the last couple of vetoes could be morphs.  But as soon as he didn't pull down all the curtains right away I knew Lane had beat him on pure strategy.  Enzo also a bit of trouble on a couple of faces, but I think the curtains were a big chunk of the 30 second difference that lost him the comp.

bra-gade enzo

So the BEAST and the ANIMAL get a rematch next Wednesday in Part III.  My guess is that they will take each other to F2, but I wouldn't count the meow-meow out yet.  We have a long week ahead of us with lots of time for him to work on them, and for the DR to ask lots of probing questions.  I'm still for "anyone but him," though I'm also pretty far beyond caring that much.


Last but certainly not least, we got another look inside that other house, where all the real drama has been for a few weeks now.  I'd put money on Ragan having forgiven Matt by now, and frankly I'm getting tired of having to continue rehashing the Big Lie.  We'll get it at least once more at the finale, possibly twice, and maybe then we can move on.  The highlight of the Jury House visit was, naturally, Ragan, the Great Communicator vs. Rachel, the Delusional Diva.  Ragan was dead on about Rachel being at the center of all the drama this season, and it was just funny listening to her create more chaos while arguing the point.  On the other hand, you've got to give her credit...she did bring the only drama we've had, and it would have been a dull(er) season without her.

rachel matt

Speaking of which HG brought the most entertainment, it's time to vote early and often for your favorite HG.  From my BB POV,  the contenders are Matt, Ragan and Britney.  Matt was definitely the actual favorite here, and, it's been pointed out that Ragan already got $20K for StaboTooling, and Britney got the $10K for playing hide-and-go-seek.  All Matt got was a dollar and a poorly assembled bejeweled POV.  Plus if Matt wins the money we can see if he buys some redemption and donates a portion to melorheostosis research.  And on that note, vote online.  It looks like you get unlimited online votes (though it's not explicitly stated one way or another in the Terms and Conditions).  And if you have dollars to spare, donate them to your favorite charity.  Unless CBS is your favorite charity, then by all means, vote by txt msg.  


Feeds were blocked most of the evening for the F3 dinner and performance for the "never before seen footage" on Sunday.  They just came back on to the guys laughing at having trouble getting through the "script."  Enzo comments that they shouldn't count on getting real acting jobs (which he's been thinking BB's going to lead to for him) if they can't even do this.  Too true.

dinner sham-pain

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