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posted Friday, 10 September 2010

It was a little less than a week ago when the Brigade lowered the boom on Britney, and as she was leaving the room she tearfully asked "how do you think it feels to realize you've just wasted your entire summer and you have no chance at $500K?"

no chance 

Enzo responded with something like "What? you did good, you made it this far." When she walked out, he laughed and wondered why she was crying.  Now, after losing both parts I and II of the final HOH and deciding that Hayden and Lane have a deal to take each other to the F2, he's spent the last 24 hours moping, sleeping and whining.  Seems like a bit of karmic justice.


It's true that Hayden and Lane have that deal, though it's not at all certain that Lane, especially, will stick to it.  And finally this evening Enzo started to come back to life a bit and begin hinting to Lane that he might want to take Enzo to the end.  


And he might be right.  I'm pretty sure Hayden can't be beat.  I'm also pretty sure that he will take Lane if he wins, because he (probably correctly) thinks Lane will be easier to beat.  I'm also pretty sure that Enzo would beat Lane.  However, if Lane's going to have any shot at first place, he would need to go against Enzo.


Though, from everything Lane has said he doesn't think he's winning no matter what.  So the question for him becomes would he rather see Hayden or Enzo win all the marbles.  He and Hayden have had a deal since way early on, and Lane seems to believe that Hayden "deserves" it more. 

new angle 

This is the fun part of keeping the F3 in the house for the last week, and not having a Final HOH winner until finale night.  It gives us one last chance for gameplay and drama.  These guys haven't really figured that out and it's been a pretty dead day.  We have been getting quite a few shots of Snarky the Sharky, who looks worried that the Flamingo Alliance is going to turn on him any day now.

sharkie flamingo alliance

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