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loyalty only goes so far

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posted Saturday, 11 September 2010

enzo lane hayden

The boys spent most of the day continuing to just lie around and do nothing, but they did have some small discussions about what to do for Final 2.  Here's how I understand where we stand:

If Hayden wins the Final HOH, he will almost surely take Lane.  He believes he can beat Lane, and he's not so sure he'd beat Enzo.  Plus, he and Lane have had a deal since early on when the Brigade was still a foursome.  Back then Hayden approached Lane and pointed out that Matt and Enzo were both playing bigger than either of Lane or Hayden, and would surely beat them in the end.  And so Hayden and Lane made an alliance within an alliance.  If Hayden turns on Lane now, he's lost that credibility.  Add that to Enzo's "strong social game" and Hayden would be foolish not to choose Lane.  Hayden has made this promise to Lane, and today pretty much told Enzo as much.

cap cap cap

Despite that, Enzo did try to work Hayden a bit today, but didn't get very far.  And since Hayden feels he doesn't need anything from Enzo at this point, he doesn't really want to talk game with him, which is kind of ticking Enzo off.  So Enzo's focusing his efforts on Lane, pointing out that Hayden can't be beat and if Lane wins on Wednesday, he should take Enzo to the end and have a chance.  Enzo also argues that since he did so poorly in the last few comps, he's not a huge threat to win.  I'm not sure whether he really believes it or not, but it doesn't really matter.  Lane's saying that he might just choose Enzo if he wins the Final HOH.  At least that's what he's saying to Enzo.  He's told Hayden their deal is still on.

cap cap cap

I'm not sure what Lane will actually do, but I tend to believe he is considering his options.  I also figure he will try to win on Wednesday if for no other reason than to have one more win on his record.  The problem with choosing Enzo is that it actually strengthens Enzo's position in a way.  If he manages to get to the end with only one comp. win, it just shows how super-strong his social game play was.  Plus if Lane breaks his deal with Hayden, he blows the loyal guy image that he worked so hard to avoid blowing with Britney, and he probably loses Hayden's vote.  So, my best guess is still that Lane will take Hayden.

cap cap cap

I'm also guessing that Hayden will win Part III.  I think he's afraid Lane would choose Enzo so he'll fight pretty hard.  I also think he just knows the jury better, with the exception of Britney.  And I think he knows more about BB than he's wanted to let on, and he's just more ready for this.  But I could be wrong.  It's happened before, and a lot this season.

cap cap cap

There have been no Lines of the Day for a while because they're not saying anything worth quoting.  For the most part, they're not saying anything, just sleeping.  When they do start talking it tends to be about the great "opportunities" they are going to get after BB.  You know, because they're going to be such huge celebrities.  

cap pieces cap

Most of todays screencaps are brought to you courtesy of the super-fun cam. operator who has been giving us randomness to watch so we're not stuck with the Big Boredom that is the F3.  We've eve had some fun "flirting" between different cameras, as they check each other out.

cam cap cam

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