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annual review

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posted Sunday, 12 September 2010

The season in review show was in keeping with the rest of BB12....snore.  As usual, most of the "never before seen" scenes weren't so never-before-seen.  I think the only truly new footage was the new Zingbot Zings, some of which were pretty good.  The bad acting from the RBG wasn't actually as bad as I was expecting, though they really should stop planning on quitting their day jobs.

I'm not quite sure why this year was so dull.  Maybe it was the lack of conflict.  Or maybe it was the Bro-gade.  While their secrecy and numbers worked out well for them, it didn't do much for us.  Just about every week it was clear from the start how things were going to go.  And that's just no fun.  The only excitement arose around the Diamond POV drama, and around the Brendon/Rachel (or just plain Rachel) drama. 

Once again, no news from the feeds.  They slept most of the day away, and every time I have un-muted them (which hasn't been much) they've been back to talking about all the "opportunities" about to come their way. 

So, I decided today was a good time for my annual HG collage.  Looking back, it wasn't a bad season.  It just didn't have quite the kick we want from BB.  But there were some good times, and a few things to smile about.


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