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posted Wednesday, 1 September 2010

There is nothing happening in the house today.  I know I've been saying that all week, but it's more true than ever today.  Every time I've tuned in it has either been to Ragan sitting in silence or maybe mumbling Jedi drills he'll never need, or Brit and the RBG talking about how they're going to be famous after BB. *snore*


So, on to the show.  Even there, not a lot to say.  As expected there was lots of misdirection and played up drama around the Potential Pawns.  The repl-nom parannoying was a bit more real--Britney really did think she might go up.  Also as expected, the puppets and dancing provided a decent few minutes of TV.  Once again, BB fudged on the clock.  The 12 hours of puppet time actually ended in the middle of the night, but the countdown clock wouldn't have been interesting when they were all asleep.


The OTEV comp also made for good TV...suspense built in just the right way.  And as has become traditional, it was a contact sport comp.  The dual dive for the final CD was great, and the bounce of Ragan's tossed CD off the Hamburglar Clam into Enzo's head was even better.  My one comment is, really Enzo? Sore loser?  How about sore winner?  He did fantastic in the comp, and good for him, but he takes away from it by rubbing it in the loser's face.


Oh, and Britney? Half the food you threw out was perfectly fine.  Cereal, salsa, peanut butter?  The shelf life on all that stuff is way more than the entire time you've been in the house. Though, the bit about Hayden and the trash can was pretty funny.


The only important part of the show was the last 30 seconds where we heard from DR Lane that he really does want to go to Final 2 with Britney.  It is absolutely the best bet for him, and if he can get there without Brigade Blood on his hands, all the better.  So, Britney winning HOH tomorrow would be great for him.


That's all from mybbpov for now...we're hoping the next 2 weeks are at least mildly more interesting than the last one. 


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