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brigadier fear

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posted Tuesday, 31 August 2010

After a bit of prodding from the DR, Ragan came to life a bit and made pitches to Britney and Lane to keep him.  It's probably going to end up all being for BB TV fiction, but at least it's something.

First he sits down with Britney and goes over how she's out the door right after him if she doesn't win HOH or POV.  She knows this, and admits she's worried.  Ragan does tell her that he thinks she'll win at least one of the comps and tries to keep her a bit pepped up.  She seems to be on board.  He's absolutely right that she's better off with him than the three Bro-Boys, and I think she knows it.  But it's not about her this week, it's really all about Lane.


Ragan admits he feels really uncomfortable going to talk game with Lane since they basically haven't talked for 10 weeks.  Britney tells him he's got to try, and he knows she's right.  So he does go and have a chat with Lane.  Ragan's basic point is "are you here to win, or are you here to make friends?"  Of course, Lane says he's there to win.  Ragan lays it out for him how he pretty much stands no shot against Enzo or Hayden, but quite a good one against Britney or Ragan.


The problem, of course, is the Brigadier Fear Factor.  If Lane outright betrays the Brigade he loses a lot.  He would be better off if they go, but he can't be responsible for it himself.  So, his best bet is Britney winning something next week.  Nonetheless, Lane hears Ragan out and even tells him he makes some good points.


But later on Lane spills all to the Bro-gade.  Though he and Enzo have a little fun with Hayden, the fact is that by telling them Lane confirms that he's not going to keep Ragan.  And he and Britney have a chat where she says she's not really going to vote to keep Ragan, and that's probably true.  If it's not going to do Ragan any good there's no point in Britney going out on a limb.


The bottom line is that the Brigade has ruled the game.  They played things smart early on, floating along until they had the numbers to make all the choices.  They started winning comps when they needed to.  And they've stayed completely secret, and no matter where true loyalties lie, each of them is afraid to fire the first shot at the alliance. 


It's gonna be a long couple of days until Thursday (who am I kidding? It's been a long however many days since last Thursday).  They're all speculating about what the HOH comp will be.  I've been wrong so much this season, I hesitate to join in.  It does seem unlikely to be endurance, since we'll definitely get that the following week for Part I of the Final HOH.  But it could be what they've been calling "long skill" that I call mini-endurance. Or straight Q&A.  This week is usually Before & After, but they've done that already.

We'll know when we know. 

It's smiles all around in the sceencaps today, and rare shots of Lane w/o his hat and Hayden without his hair covering half his face. 

hatless hairless

Lines of the Day 

Hayden: I just hope whichever of us ends up in jury wins the 25 Gs.
Enzo: Oh, that'll definitely go to the Brigade.  We're definitely the most popular.
Hayden: Matty could get it.
Enzo: He's Brigade, yo.
[me: Oh really? So if he wins something he's back in?]

They're totally wrong, btw, according to all the polls I've seen.  Everything I've seen has Britney or Brendon leading as the fan fav.  Which half baffles me...Britney I get, but Brendon? Really?  I know the favorite from mybbpov this year (Matt) isn't the favorite...but Brendon?

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