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it's so dull in there, we're making up drama out here

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posted Monday, 30 August 2010

I can't say nothing happened in the house today...Enzo vetoed himself and Hayden went up as the repl-nom.  This pretty much seals Ragan's fate.  And if Britney doesn't win the HOH or POV we're in for a Bro-gade Final 3 for sure.

almost kicked 

So, go Brit! (But with the way this season's been, don't expect much.)


Anyway, with no real game to talk about the talk out here has turned back to controversy.  It seems Hayden is on probation for breaking stuff, and was warned if he broke anything else he'd get a penalty nom.  I'm not all that excited about it personally.  The things he broke were some pool cues (which I saw happen) and a large vase (which I didn't see).  Will broke way more stuff during AllStars, and all he ever got threatened with was having it deducted from his stipend.  Both of Hayden's incidents were accidental--he wasn't trying to be destructive, but he was being irresponsible.  I'd imagine they threatened him with the penalty nom just to get him to be more respectful of the house, not because they really intend to ever have to follow through.

 breaker, breaker

After all, Enzo was warned about eating, did it again, and nothing happened.  And there's a very simple reason for this--it doesn't benefit the show at all to have to dole out punishments for these things.  Plus they'd have to explain it to the TV viewers.  And none of the TVOVs are going to understand someone getting in trouble for eating a couple of peanuts.  When Chima threw her mic in the pool, or when Jen "performed eating," that was something they could wrap their minds around.  The problem is that we livefeeders are crazy.  And we take all things BB way too seriously.  But that's okay--it's part of what makes us special.


To cite Will again, he threatened to eat while on slop and asked if he'd get a penalty nom for it.  He said they told him no, but he would get a "penalty lawsuit" -- they'd sue him for breach of contract.  The point is that BB's concern is to threaten the person with whatever is going to keep them in line.  Their goal is to make a show, not to find any excuse to punish their "stars."


While I was working on this post, Ragan came out of a DR session super-pissed.  He says he can't talk about it, and every time he starts to even hint we get bubbled out.  But from the tiny snippets I did catch, it sounds like they are trying to get him to do or say something that they can edit into some drama for the show.  Which just proves my point.

dead thwack

Lines of the Day

Britney: It's boring in here.
Ragan: We evicted all the crazy people.  Which must suck from a production standpoint, with no drama the show is boring. 
Enzo: [Ragan] already fucked up when he didn't go talk to [Lane] before the thing (noms). At least fight, try to reason with him.
(me: It wouldn't have made a difference).
Britney: I know that whatever you and I talk about, you go and talk to Hayden and Enzo about the same thing.  I know Enzo thinks he's going to the final 3 with you, just like I think I'm going to the final 3 with you.  Enzo and I are the disposable parts in this equation, I know that, I'm not stupid.
Enzo: [Ragan]'s having a rough week. 
Hayden: Yeah, I feel sorry for him.
Enzo: Me too.
Hayden: You gonna change your vote? 
Ragan: They need a show....***bubbles*** 

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