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yo-yo, yo

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posted Sunday, 29 August 2010

There's very little going on on the feeds today, so I'm mostly going to talk about the show.

BB must be loving the way these comps are going, giving them lots of suspense for the TVOVs.  It sounds like the POV went similarly to the HOH for Ragan...he came super-close, but fell short of the prize.  It is interesting that Lane really wanted the win to go to Enzo.  It proves he's truly Bro-gade to the end, but he's keeping Britney close for safety and for jury votes.


And ironically by winning HOH and getting his letter from home, etc. and having some details about his life come out, he's supposedly hurt his standing with the others because now they see him as not needing the money.  But just as Matt's strategy of "I need the money" wasn't really going to get him far, I think that ultimately the jury won't vote on that.

The part of the show that irritated me the most was the announcer's comment that Matt was the first "Brigade member" to be evicted.  Matt had lost his Brigade membership card weeks before he was evicted, whether he realized it or not.  Heck, by last Thursday, Brendon was closer to being a member than Matt was.  The truth is the that they've been the 3-man Remains of the Brigade for a long time now.

hayden lane

And Enzo's paranoia is starting to show, yo. Matt got too close to Ragan, so Matt had to go, yo.  And now, Lane's getting too close to Britney, so Brit needs to go, yo.  Pretty soon he's going to notice that Lane and Hayden are closer to each other than to him, and one of them is going to have to go, yo. And so, the Meow-Meow Bro continues to yo-yo on how much he truly trusts his co-Bros.  Yo.


Pandora's Box was pretty lame.  At least we know that Lane really did get only $91.17.  They got their 3rd "punishment" today, and it is that BB plays music about once an hour and they all have to get up and dance.  It will give them about 30 seconds of amusing footage for Wednesday's show.  Which is all they really care about anyway.

dance dance

All the "who to pawn? who to pawn?" waffling is being replayed as "who to repl-nom? who to repl-nom?"  I'm betting it will be Hayden.  There's no advantage to Lane to nom'ing Britney, and there is a big risk for him in it.  The only advantage to Enzo/Hayden to Britney going up is if they decide to kick her.  If Ragan's a sure thing to go, it really doesn't matter who sits next to him.


And Ragan does have about a zero percent chance.  If it comes to a tie, Lane's going to have to kick Ragan over either Hayden/Britney or completely destroy his jury chances.  And if it's Ragan vs. Hayden, Ragan could *maybe* get Brit, but no way he'll get Enzo.  If it's Ragan vs. Britney, he could maybe flip Enzo/Hayden, but I think it's unlikely.

So, Ragan's only chance to stay is for Britney to go.  And as much as I like Ragan, I want Britney to stay, because I think she's the only hope of anything other than an all Bro-gade Final 3. And that's about all that's left to root for, yo. 


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